Wednesday, August 29, 2012


We have living room furniture! PRAISE JESUS.

(Well...we've had furniture. Using said furniture during Shark Week was more important than posting about it...)

We have been looking for living room furniture for 8 months and wanting furniture for like...4 years.

This is what we had before.

As we had some stuff (aka college furniture...) we weren't so bad off until we actually ordered a sectional and chair in April. Fun fact though...apparently if you order furniture that doesn't mean you'll actually recieve it. I know...I see you raising your eyebrows. We did the same thing after waiting six weeks to get our furniture. Luckily, we got our money back from that horrific experience, but it did make us quite:


and angry

Oh, and there was also the fact that because we were expecting brand new fancy-pants furniture we SOLD our main seating leaving us with....a loveseat. 3 dogs and 2 people...a loveseat wasn't gunna work. Poor Nathan had been sitting in a fold up camping chair for 4 months before we finally got new furniture.

Granted, it is actually a good thing we didn't get our new furniture because we had no idea we were going to be buying a house. The whole house thing happened really fast. If we had gotten our original, apartment sized sectional, it would have looked ridiculously tiny in our house. It's not that Blue is oversized, the ceilings are just extra tall causing everything to look extra tiny.

After the awful furniture stand-off of April, we knew we wanted to take our furniture with us that day. You know, just to make sure we actually received it. We weren't going to go with IKEA because most stuff just looks like it's from IKEA. When I read though, that most IKEA couches have a 10 year warranty my opinion was swayed. Both Nate and I have a big family and we have a large group of friends, the idea of getting a brand new couch if something happens to it made me grin like a Cheshire cat.

Oh, and then theres the fact that the cover is washable and replaceable which is always good with three dogs.

I'm a big fan of the replaceable cover. The loveseat pictured above is actually a Klippan from IKEA that has gone through 5 covers (and needs a new one) in the 6 years I've had it. Not so much from wear as much as I just change my mind a lot.

Getting the HUGE sectional and nate's leather chair in my Mother-In-Law's Mini Van was the real adventure that day. Thank you, IKEA in Canton, MI for having an amazing curbside staff that was willing to play Tetris with us for half an hour to make it work.

We got it home, threw the dogs in the yard and it was like Christmas! ...Like Christmas if you got a very, very large puzzle that requires tools.

Here's a shot of us just trying to read the "directions" and put the covers on everything.

At the end of the day though we got her put together and mildly fluffed... The living room still needs a lot of work but it is slowly coming together. At least we have somewhere comfy to sit while we daydream! 


  1. Looks AWESOME! Love the sectional and I love your "coffee table". Super cute.

    1. Thank you!

      You'll hear more about the coffee table in upcoming posts :)


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