Saturday, August 4, 2012

Buying Big Blue

Buy a House They Said...It Will be Fun They Said.

Buying a house was not all that it is cracked up to be. In fact- it was a little too easy given the assistance and support that we had. I, (Emma) dove head first into the home-buying experience as a coping mechanism for some hardships Nate and I had gone through. I thought, "well- gotta keep living!" and began pouring over 12 databases worth of homes.

In the end I probably looked at over 250 listings. It may have been excessive. I may have become obsessed.

I admit it.

But, Nate and I had a very tight list of what we wanted, and above all- we wanted something that was cheaper to own than to rent.

We desperately wanted hardwood floors (dogs+allergies=no carpet), 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, and a fenced in back yard for the dogs/future Wittle Wagners.

That's about it.

Out of the jillions of homes I viewed online I found about 20 that I felt were worth looking at. Upon meeting with the realtor, half of which we drove past without stopping to view. Why it was so hard to find this in a city with more houses for sale than being occupied by homeowners was beyond us. We didn't even care if it was ugly, hell, even REALLY ugly! We were expecting that with our price range.

Between the emotional exhaustion of viewing all of these homes that just...weren't working, along with the stress we were feeling in our apartment life Nate and I seriously considered not moving forward with looking for a home. We had the whole "we should wait until we have more money" conversation several times.

Then we found the Kensington House.

The house on Kensington had everything on our list. EVERYTHING. It even had an epic front stoop that owuld be amazing for Halloween (which, I don't know why, was a big selling feature for us). Not only did it have amazing storage for an older home, it had built-ins, a huge fireplace, and just enough projects that it would keep us busy while still being move-in-ready.

NOTE: I do not  consider "move-in-ready" anywhere near what HGTV does. Move-In-Ready to me means you could live there quazi-comfortably while you get your shit together. Turn-Key and Move-In-Ready are two totally different things and I did not want a Turn-Key home.

The big thing we liked about this house too was that the cape cod style included a half bath upstairs in the master and it had an attached nursery. Super nice for a small family (which we someday will be). Anywho, we loved this house.

See Epicness Now:
So, we put an offer in and waited. Like so many stupid families in America, we fell in love with a short sale. STUPID STUPID STUPID. After three weeks, and our end-lease date getting ever closer, I called my realtor back. This was how the conversation went:

"Dude. What should we do?"
"...Hmmm... I dunno. Wanna keep looking?"
"Yeah, I guess."

So we went back into adventure mode. Adventure is out there! Five houses later I stumbled upon a house that had actually been in my original database.

Enter Big Blue.

I saw this one alone with Nate and immediately made a video message to e-mail my parents. Long story short within 24 hours we made an offer on this house. The house that not only had everything on our "must-have" list, but everything on our "well it'd be nice..." list and "but the Kensington house has this!" list. kicked all the other lists' ass.

The other perk? The list price was $36,000 less.

Yeah, you read that right. THIRTY-SIX THOUSAND DOLLARS.

Do we need to say it again? No. It's too much money.

It was only after we put the offer in that we realized it was a repossession that was going into auction three days later. For all you peeps who don't deal with repos, it means that we would have our answer in three days. If they liked our offer, we'd have the house, if they didn't, they'd take it to auction.

With this in mind we didn't pull our offer from Kensington while we waited. This means we had two offers, equating to over $130,000 cash (which we totally didn't have) floating around in the universe for 72 hours. We also got to sit around with our thumbs up our now-broke-ass' waiting to hear if we got the house.

I'll spare you the details as you all know how it ended: we got Big Blue. It basically resulted in a lot of screaming, a couple beers, and then freaking the hell out. Did we really just buy a house? Seriously? Did we just make a huge financial mistake?

Then we thought of something fun. We closed on our first home three days before our 2-Year wedding anniversary. Something we never thought we'd be able to do, and from the moment we turned the key we realized that yes, she was ours, and yes, she's been waiting 107 years for us to come home.

Nate And Emma in front of our first home on our Two Year Wedding Anniversary

But now, being broke, we gotta give her a facelift- after all, if she's been waiting this long for us, we need to treat her right. It's time to give Big Blue her Broke Ass Home facelift.

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  1. So much truth! This mirrors our story pretty closely as well. =) I can't wait to catch up on what you've done to Blue.


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