Thursday, August 23, 2012

DIW: Shalley's Drawers

Enter new section of Broke Ass Home...DIW. Why do it yourself and do it right, when you can WRITE! (I know, so clever, Emma)

Today's DIW comes from Shalley in Illinois.

As luck would have it, her daughter and son-in-law are in the process of remodeling a 1950's home, causing them to rip out both the kitchen and bathroom cabinets. When the solid wood drawers came out of the cabinets and got tossed into the "burn" pile, Shalley swooped in and had a broke ass idea- under bed storage.

Some thoughts before we get going!

The drawers, being cabinets, are well made and solid wood so she advises that she doesn't know how well this would work on press board (if someone tries it let us know!) She also says measure under your bed like...5 times, just to be sure. Notice the risers, if your bed sits really low to the ground you can get those pop up risers from pretty much any store with a college section.

Make sure you also take into account the wheels that you can buy at your local home improvement store.

While you're there (and thanks for this tip, Shalley! I certainly didn't know this), check for "scrap wood" She was able to find scraps of wood for $0.30! That's my kind of pricing!

Here is how freaking easy this project was.

After making sure that the drawers would fit under her bed, she added two support boards on the bottom depth of the drawer (using that awesome scrap wood we just talked about...) and screwed in the wheels.

That's it!

Then slide it under the bed and enjoy some awesome shoe/clothes storage that holds up nicer and looks better than plastic.

Not to mention you saved gorgeous hardwood from the landfill.

If you want to take this a step further, you can stain the drawers to match your bed (so you don't have to bedskirt anymore! *TIP* If you hate bedskirts, put a fitted sheet over your boxspring) or you can paint them a fun accent color. Don't forget, even wal-mart sells drawer pulls and sometimes that is all the facelift something needs.

Here was her cost breakdown per drawer:

Drawer: Free
Wheels: $12 (4 @ $2.99)
Wood pieces: $0.60 (2 @ $0.30)
Screws= Free if you have them!

TOTAL cost = < $15

Thanks for the inspiration Shalley! This is definitely something I'll have to mull over, I'm thinking I may make some each bed in the house and store the sheets for said bed in them. Bad thing about Blue- no linen or coat closet...

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Snaps to Shalley!

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