Wednesday, August 15, 2012

DIY Target Lamp

Yesterday, I mentioned that we got a lamp at the Habitat for Humanity store. It was originally $5, but with the 50% off sale yesterday, I snagged it for $2.50.

Nate doubted the value of it for even $2.50- we had to have the whole "Trust me! I know what I'm doing!" talk a few times and he would just shake his head and say "Okay...I trust you!"

Here is the lamp before:

Don't get me wrong. It was ugly. REALLY ugly. The lamp base is 26 inches tall and it was a glossy mohogany with oiled (or just really dirty) brass fittings. So 70's. Like, Kitty Foreman would keep this in her living room.

I looked at this though, and I did not see ugly. I saw the lamp from last season at Target that I never got around to buying and then it was gone. Rude, Target. Don't worry, I still love you.

The Target lamp was completely gorgeous. And about $90 with the base and shade- which was the reason I could never justify buying it. Here's a picture I found of it- it is no longer listed on the Target website. Maybe that means I'm decorating a season behind, but I'm okay with it.

Anyone see where I was going with this? Luckily this project only required one can of spray paint (with enough left over I can probably paint a picture frame or two) and a few sheets of sandpaper. The bad news? This mustard color is apparently not available in Rustoleum. So, after prowling around Brenna and I picked a light canary color and decided it was go time.

I did overspend on the lampshade- I admit it. I spent a whole $24 on the it. But here was the final result!

Here was the breakdown of my faux $90 lamp.

Lamp: $2.50
Sandpaper: $3.00
Spray Paint: $3.50
Re-Wire Kit (I don't know if it really needed it but I thought it was better to be safe than sorry): $10
Lampshade: $24

Total Cost of Lamp: $43

Little more expensive than I would have liked it to be- but I also didn't want it to a.) burn my house down, and b.) Not look elegant

If you're gunna DIY, you need to DIY right!

Did I spend too much? What're your thoughts?


  1. Oh girl.
    We are pretty much the goddesses of spray paint.

  2. 1. i love this; looks classy as hell

    and what i love more is the delicately posed xbox controllers

    1. Haha, thank you Hilary. After all, I do live with a boy. You want to see more boy toys wait until we post about the monstrosity of a TV!

  3. Cute! Totally new look!! The lampshade is a little 'tame' for I was suprised that's what you picked!! Which room is it going to live in??

    1. Thank you, Shalley! The lampshade actually does have a little bit of sassy-ness with waved ridges on it. It is funny you say that though because I originally grabbed a big dark turquoise one that was on clearance. After talking circles over dinner though we decided it was too dark and we went back for the white one.

      As of now, we have it tucked into the fireplace room- but that may not be it's final resting place.

  4. This is a great outcome!! I'm curious how you prepped the old lamp--did you sand the whole works, i.e., the wood? the brass? Or???

    1. Hi Cindy!

      I roughed up the entire lamp with fine grit sand paper. You don't need to take it all the way back to the wood but you need to create some kind of surface for the paint to adhere to. My only suggestion would be to use steel wool on the metal- I used sand paper and you can see a couple scratches if you're looking for them. If you have to wash the lamp to get sawdust off make sure it's completely dry before you paint!


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