Sunday, August 19, 2012

Libman Freedom Mop: Final Verdict

I said that I would post judgement on the Libman Freedom Mop after I washed the little raggy thing. Here's my GHO.

1.) I can use whatever I want to clean
2.) I don't have to buy refills
3.) Doesn't require batteries
4.) More even clean

1.) It only comes with one moppy thing. That means on days where I'm doing a full house clean I am not actually using a clean cloth (I mop twice a week and my house is ALWAYS dirty)- I need to buy a few more cloths, but after that- this won't really bother me.
2.) Not so great on grouted tile floors. Still had to get out the behemoth mop to scrub down in the grout lines. Muddy dog beards+Water bowl= black grout lines around the dog bowls.

And don't tell me to get one of those little splash pads. We've had one- they were still able to drip water through the entire kitchen in to the rest of the house. We're still working on the drink the water, swallow the water concept. Right now it's gulp up water and run away from the bowl with it falling out of their mouths. If more than one is drinking at a time it usually ends up with most of the water ON whatever dog is shorter.

3.) No fluid switching. The little bottle that hold the cleaner is built in so you can't have a "bathroom floor", "kitchen floor", "hardwood floor" bottle like you could with the Swiffer.

All in all I really enjoy it for $13. I'm saving my pennies to get one of those Shark Steam cleaner things because I honestly think that's the only thing that can actively combat the Butts. (SeaButt, BridgiButt & BabyButt)

If you're debating about switching I would still endorse it over the Swiffer- even if you just look at it from a "green" aspect, it is so much more enviornmentally friendly than all those awful dirty pads going into landfills.

Which do you have? How do you combat the forces of evil in your house?


  1. I have been an old school mop user all of my life. I just bought the Freedom Mop for Walmart (we do not have a Menards or Mijer here, I forgot where you got yours). It cost me $20 but at Target it was $30. I am planning on giving it a go today!

    1. What did you think of it?


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