Monday, August 6, 2012

My Poor Dryer...

Sooo...apparently Blue is full of non-standard doors. Many of them are just under 2012's version of "standard" which led to the fun adventure of getting our hand-me-down washer and dryer into our basement that we swore would fit. (measuring...what a concept)

My MIL is in the process of moving and she offered us her old units. As the bunch of crazy apartment dwelling kids that we were, we jumped at the opportunity. You mean, we don't need to go to the gas station to buy a chocolate bar to get quarters back?! You mean I can have clean jeans more than twice a month?! SHINANIGANS.

This happened in the middle of our exaggerated move and the guys needed a break from boxes. They went and fetched the new beauties that were then...begrudgingly put into the basement.

First we had to remove the handrail....and the door....and then we had to shimmy the washer down. It required defying the laws of physics, but we got it down.

So we thought the same defiance would get the dryer down. NOPE.

I had to excuse myself from the scene of the crime because all I kept seeing was the guys mutilating my hundred year old hardwoods, soooo I took the dogs outside.

I came back in when Nate apparently injured himself out of rage and found that between the Factory Worker, the Scientist, the Office Assistant and the Artist they managed to COMPLETELY disassemble the dryer and get it in the basement.

And wanna know what happened next? The plug on the back of the dryer was the wrong size. OH COME ON!

Luckily, a ten minute, $10 trip to home depot had the issue fixed and the only awful remnants of this experience were Nate limping around whining about how he his foot hurt.

My response? "NO PITY FOR THE ANGRY"

Total Cost for Washer and Dryer: $10 for new rat-tail.

If you don't have someone nice enough to hook you up- check out hotel to home stores. They often carry minimally used units and include warranties. I know at House To Home in Lansing, you can get a "new" set for $200 and it includes a 1-year warranty (they also have really comfy, cheap mattresses).

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