Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Robbin' A Bank

That's how we felt yesterday when we ventured to our local IKEA.

About a month ago, I "accidentally" bought a recliner. By accidentally, of course, I mean that I was cruisin' Home Goods and there she stood. A beautiful, uniquely patterned Lane Recliner. I stole the bad boy for $275 and it became the centerpiece for our whole living area. It had all the colors we loved and it was sassy enough to hold its own. Originally I was going to "age" our color scheme a little bit (turquoise to sky blue kind of thing) but this recliner was turquoise, so I decided to say, "screw it", buy it, and stay young for a little while longer.


For those don't know, my #1 rule of home designing is: "If you see it at a discount store, BUY IT, or it's not going to be there when you go back for it." So make sure you keep a little slush fund (even if it's only $20) available for when you need it.  Also, Marshalls, Home Goods and TJ Maxx are all owned by the same company, so sometimes you need to mix and match between the three stores. But, we'll go into that more later when we get around to putting up all our pretties for the upstairs bath.


Anyways, this is the magic recliner that was our jumping off point for our entire room.
You may say, "Emma. You said BUDGET. You still spent $275 on this chair." Yes, children I did. But when I tried to google these chairs, the BORING versions of them go from $500-$1000. So, I instantly saved myself at LEAST 50%- don't sass me.

Now, Nate has been complaining since January (before I even had a chair) that he really needed a man chair. He needed one. Couldn't live without one. So I told him, "Fine. Pick one out."

He picked this beauty from World Market and ya know- I actually liked it. I liked it so much the $479 price didn't bother me that much. I really couldn't afford it now, but eventually I wanted to get it for him. Who can argue when your husband wants a chair that will actually be a beautiful masculine compliment to the awesome recliner you bought on a whim? Honestly.

And that is what lead us to feeling like we robbed a bank at IKEA. I had been shopping online, but when we went to IKEA, they had launched a TON of new pieces that weren't online anywhere. So much so that I can't even link you to this chair yet (sorry IKEA, I like to give credit where credit is due).

BAM. We found this bad boy.

We snagged this awesome mockery for $179. Oh, that's right- $300 less.  Now, there are some differences. The IKEA version doesn't have the nail head trim, nor does it have the cover on the lower seat. Nate and I are fine not having the nail heads, but if we wanted to we could add them in. I am going to sew a herringbone cover (probably will cost about $15 but I'll give you a more definite number when I get it done) for the bottom seat cover to give it the World Market look.

Either way, we will have saved ourselves a boat load of money. We robbed a bank and threw it into savings.

I put the man chair over by the bookshelves. I figure, leather bound books and a leather clad chair gotta work well together right? We got the awesome Pirate map pillow for $12 at IKEA and put up our autographed Boondock Saints photo Nate got us at Comicon this year.

Since I surprised him with it, he was really excited when he saw it all put together.

Point to Emma and Nate.

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