Monday, August 6, 2012

The Board of Directors

I suppose I should do a brief overview of everyone who resides in Blue that will be frequenting the posts. You know, to avoid any "which dog is that?" type of scenarios.

First we have the Maintenance Tech- our man with the toolbelt also known as NateNate and me, the Office Manager (aka in charge of making sure the house RUNS), Emma.

We've been married just over two years after meeting in a movie theater that I was working at. We went on two dates before deciding to go get a ring. We've never been ones for wasting time. After about a year and a half of marriage, our first "little" bundle of joy appeared.

World, meet Seamus, the entry level "go-fer." Seamus (pronounced Shea-Mus) AKA Moose, SheaButter, Butt, Scruffy Butt, Baby Bear and so on and so forth. Our rescued Blue Heeler/Scruffy Irish Dog. Someone had thrown him out of a moving car when he was barely 10 weeks old. The woman who found him couldn't keep him, so she posted online for someone to come rescue him. Being as we love heelers, we said "gladly!" He was supposed to be a little lap dog (assuming he was bred with a smaller terrier) but he has turned out to be more of a mini-wolfound. Let's just say, if he knows you, Seamus is a lover not a fighter.

Then about three months later, my company started running a webcam for a local Humane Society. One day, on a routine check on the equipment, I saw this adorable little scruff-muffin that looked just like my Seamus. I immediately had them put her on "hold" while I went and got Nate (although Nate wasn't really going to have a choice anyway, Sea needed a friend). That night we got our head of Security, Bridget. Bridget keeps tabs on the home and will declare Shenanigans anytime something is amok. Bridget, AKA Bridgi, Gidget, Lady, Little Lion, BrigiButt, Pumpkin Head.

"That's it!" we said, "No more dogs! Only potential future children!"

Then about 10 months later, we were reached out to by someone saying they had a dog they couldn't take care of anymore and they asked us to surrender her for them. Now, we had never met these people but we weren't about to put a dog in a kill shelter that had, supposedly, a good temperament. We went and got her to take her to the Humane Society where we got Bridget who are an amazing non-kill shelter. If you live in Central Michigan, please support the Capital Area Humane Society in Lansing. They are amazing. Anyway, once we met her, we knew she was just too cool of a dog not to just see if Seamus and Bridget would like her. And that is how we got Teagan. Teagan, AKA Teagi, Littlest, BabyButt and Puppling. Teagan is head of Snuggling and Running.

And that's the famdamily. You'll see all of us running through these pictures so we just thought we'd take a minute to introduce ourselves. Welcome to the family!


  1. I love your dogs! I ended up on your blog through YHL, and when I saw your header... I thought "Hmm, that one on the right looks a little like a heeler!" I have a blue heeler, Murphy, so I got excited. Loving the blog!

    1. Hi Krissy! Thanks for coming over! SeaButters is definitely part blue heeler (and I was gunna name him Murphy!) We call him our Mini Wolfhound :) Love to see your babies!


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