Tuesday, August 14, 2012

We're a Fan!

As a former board member of my college's Habitat for Humanity, I have always supported the amazing cause. If you are unfamiliar with Habitat's Mission, please visit www.habitat.org

Many people don't know that Habitat has it's own version of a thrift store called a ReStore. It houses all household items/home improvement items with amazing turnover. My friend, Brenna, hopped in to town today so we decided to go prowl the local chapter's store.

Happy Happy Joy Joy, there were having a 50% off sale!

...this means the ugly fan had to die.

Fans at home improvement stores START at $75 and go up from there. The fan in the fireplace room had been on my list from day one, but it seemed silly to spend the money on a light fixture that was still functioning. But. I hated it. Why? Cane inlaid blades.

Yes. U-G-L-Y


The fan not only had this basket weaved nastiness, but it also had popcorn globes. I don't know if they were meant to be popcorned or if it was just from 6 million years of dust. Nasty.

Sometimes these ReStores are hit or miss, but they are constantly changing so it's worth going once a week or so if you're looking for something in particular. We struck gold on our first try.

They had 4 of the exact cloudy globes that we have on our dining room chandelier (continuity! I love continuity!) and 4 red oak blades with oiled brass hardware. Like it was meant to be! I snagged them up without even checking for price and a giant lamp (which you'll get a peak at later) and headed to the cash register.

Total purchase: $6.59


Now, in true Wagner form, there was no protecting us from a crisis. We got up there (and by we I mean NateNate) only to discover a light bulb had completely corroded in the socket. It exploded in a roid rage (in a moment of genius I thought they were going to explode so I threw a box under it to catch the glass about two seconds before it happened) so there were adventures had trying to force ably remove the socket. That being said, we did not reinstall a lightbulb, just to be safe. So as an added cost, I had an incredibly frustrated and cranky husband.

Since the lamp cost about $2.50 on sale, the total fan facelift was about $4.09 minus tax. For $4, I think this completely fixed my hatred for the fixture. At least for now.

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