Monday, September 24, 2012

A Price I Can Live With...

This weekend was crazy. We had our beloved niece's 4th birthday party (so many tutus) up in Midland so early Saturday morning we packed our half asleep butts into the car, gave the pupplings to Grandma and headed merrily on our way.

I can't lie to you though, as excited as I was to see Rae open up all of her presents I was more excited because Midland has the best ReStore I have EVER seen.

Word. The best.

But, I guess we're getting ahead of ourselves.

We are still working on the damn dining room. We made some dramatic progress this weekend on some of the more finishing type touches, but we still have things like...oohhhhh the thousand pound dining room table that was kindly dropped off by a Frat Boy and his pickup truck a few weeks ago which has been hiding in my garage waiting to be refinished.

We decided that once we were back on Sunday, the was going to be devoted to low-key, low-cost, high impact projects. You know, things that you walk in to a room and scream "THAT IS SO MUCH BETTER!" and it also helps when you look in your wallet.

Today, kids, we are going to be talking about ART!

(and the peasants rejoiced)

Art is really hard for me. As an "artist" (I say that because I think I'm pretty good until I hang out with some of my REAL artist friends and I kind of want to die with how much I suck) I find it super hard to find art that I actually like without looking at it and saying "I could do that for 1/3 the price!"

Yeah. I'm one of those. Even walking through awesome stores I'm like, "can I make it, fake it, or thrift it?" before I commit to buying anything.

So when it came to our GINORMOUS wall in our dining room, we knew there was no way we were going to be able to afford anything that would fit it. Our area to speak of that NEEDED art was over 5 feet across and 6 feet tall. Damn you, Blue, with your like 13 feet ceilings...  when we started pricing things it was minimum (for something everyone else probably had) over $200.

Nope. Not doing it.

So, in true Wagner fashion, we headed out to the garage.

After adding the pallets to the back of the shelving unit, we still had about 10 planks left that were just taking up room in the garage that I knew there had to be something awesome we could do with them. To my luck, we also had two 48'' pieces of 2x4 in the basement left over from when my mom and I made valances for the master (I know...I know...I haven't told you about that yet, just work with me here).

We snatched up the 2x4s and held them against the wall and what do ya know, 4 feet across was EXACTLY the size that we wanted for the artwork (Team Wagner wins again!!! The dogs crowd goes wild!) Then we ran out to chop up left over pallet boards.

There was no rhyme or reason to how we cut the boards. The longer pallet boards were about 40 inches, so we decided that the boards could be anywhere between 24 (how far apart I put the 2x4s) and 40 inches. Other than that, no rules. It was kind of liberating to just start sawing pieces randomly without marking them or having to be careful. And yes, Nate was making fun of me as I was skipping through the garage randomly cutting things.

Then we arranged them in a pretty-like fashion on top of the two 2x4s.

Oh, the dogs were also helping from the safety of the back yard.

Teagan is kind of hiding behind Seamus, but that is her ear flipped over....

After we had it laid out in a way we wanted, Nate took the extra long level (which I picked and it makes me happy) and marked where the center of the 2x4 was underneath the boards.

Also, back by popular demand is another picture of my Husband's ridiculously cute butt.

The work pants don't do it justice...I know...
At this point we had a long debate about our options.

  • We could staple the boards to the 2x4s....but we might run out of staples, and I so did not feel like going to the hardware store for more.
  • We could screw the boards down....but we didn't know if that would cause the boards to split.
  • We could Nail Gun them...we knew it didn't split the boards from when we did the entertainment center, but the nails were going to be way too long and come out the other side.

We decided we like the Nail Gun idea, so we were left with two sub-options.

  • We could nail them down, then use the angle grinder to split the excess nails off. (Nate's Idea)


  • We could just be lazy and hammer the nails over since it was going to face the wall anyway and didn't have to be pretty. (My Idea)

My idea won because Nate said, "well...I guess if you want to be logical and NOT have awesome spark pictures again" (blog whore...)

After the whole piece was "finished" (we might go back and poly it, but that made it significantly darker behind the TV and we may just want to keep it light), we attached 2 claws (it was surprisingly not that heavy) and hung it up on the wall using our trusty painters tape law.

What we were left with was a piece of artwork that matched our custom entertainment center and filled up the space on our ginormous wall perfectly. The piece of art ended up being 4 feet across and 3.5 feet tall. THAT IS BIG.

As for the price...

This project was $0.



We already owned all of the tools needed to make it happen, and the wood we used was free. That is a price we can live with.

What did you get done this weekend?

psst...our new camera battery should be here today or you'll get lots of pretty artistic shots once the DSLR is working again...


  1. That husband of yours in his flannel! let's keep him forever! Ps. SOO IN LOVE WITH THIS! super cute and obviously easy.. thanks Qwags!

  2. Very nice!! And the right price for sure!!


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