Friday, September 28, 2012

Afordable, Adorable, Apothecary-able

There once was a naked fireplace. The seasons were changing and it's owner wanted to nest. The owner decided she needed to start decorating the fireplace for fall.

That is the backstory to the adorable, affordable, apothecary.

And here is my poor, sad, naked fireplace.

I had known for awhile that Home Goods selled apothecaries for super affordable and I'd seen awesome ideas on Pinterest like, using one to store extra pacifiers, or filling one up with extra bath soaps for your guest bath. Super cute ideas, not so functional for someone with no kids and no counter space in my "guest" bath.

I also knew that most people filled them up with the pre-made potpourri bags for color and seasonal scents. And you know, I like smelly dead flowers as much as the next kid, but having extended family who are allergic to perfume and dogs made me really not want to add insult to injury, with the three dogs and all...

So it was on a random, "I need out of this house RIGHT NOW" moment, that Nate and I trotted over to the Home Goods and snagged a clear glass apothecary on clearance for $9. If you don't have a Home Goods by you, I know that World Market and most craft stores sell apothecaries now as well.

Then we padded over to JoAnn's and attacked an end cap. Yep- we attacked it. They had their boxes full of "Fall Floral" (I think they have the sticks attached so you can stick them in a fall wreath or something) on an end cap with a happy yellow sign screaming 50% Off!

We grabbed probably 8-10 of them in different colors and textures (Nate picked things liked glittery pears and apples, while I picked green acorns and pumpkins) then we grabbed a little bird just for good measure. These ranged anywhere from $0.99-$3.99 a piece before the sale and with my additional 20% off coupon, we bought all of our apothecary fillers for about $10.

When we came home (driving down the highway extra carefully as to not break my clearance apothecary...) I sat at the table with my wire cutters, snipping carefully at the bottom of each item, and we were left with a cute pile of little fall goodies!

 After I got everybody all cute and organized, I gently placed the birdie on top and placed him on the naked mantle with the candlesticks I got from Habitat last week for $3 (for 5).

Yay! The Camera works again- can you tell?

 On the other side of the fireplace we put this fun fall willow-esque thing we got from JoAnns for $6 with some more candlesticks, and for now we're gunna call that good! I am going to go buy cream colored tapers to put in the candlesticks, and I'm itching for a little banner like House of Smiths made for their entry table last week... I might have to do it this weekend, but other than that, the fireplace is no longer naked and it says, "welcome to fall" when we walk through the door.

The other thing we like about this project, is that come winter we can put everything that was in the apothecary in a ziplock for next year (we have designated season buckets...yes, I am one of those) and do the same project with winter items for the holiday season. I love projects I only pay for once.

Apothecary: $9
Fillers: $10
Candlesticks: $3
Tree Thing: $6
Total Fireplace Mantle to Date: $28

How do you decorate your mantle? Do you change it seasonally?


  1. Totally off topic - but your fireplace made me think of Nicole Curtis' (the Rehab Addict) most recent house project! If you're not familiar, she calls it the dollar house. Love the apothecary jar! Nice job!

    1. Thank you, Mary! I'd love to see it, I know she does a DIY show (sadly, I only have HGTV) so if you find a link that project somewhere, I would love to see it!

  2. That mantle looks great! (I found almost the same jar at a garage sale for $1, score!) I think the colors of your mantle and fireplace look especially good for fall and Christmas with the browns and golds.

  3. Your mantle looks great! That fireplace is gorgeous!
    And the pics of your fur babies are just adorable!

    1. Thank you Jen! It's original to the house so we try to give it the respect it deserves. The dogs on the other hand...they're usually dirty. :)

  4. That looks beautiful with your fall additions. I love your mantel it's gorgeous. Megan

  5. LOVE this idea!
    You could do a few of these as centerpieces for a table setting with different colors inside and it would look awesome!
    Great, affordable project :)

    1. Thanks Shelley! What a great idea! Might have to keep hunting the clearance rack for more...

  6. Looks great! I love the $9.00 jar...I have to keep my eye out for one of those. Thanks for sharing :-)

    1. Thanks Christine! Check Home Goods regularly, they often put "last season's glass" on clearance (how glass can go out of season...IDK)


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