Tuesday, September 25, 2012

And It's Gone!

To the basement that is.

That's right. The boob-cornucopia chandelier is GONE....to the basement. Thanks to the ReStore visit I mentioned yesterday, we were finally able to take the evil eyesore down. Why do I call it the boob-cornucopia chandelier? Because I seriously think it looks like a boob sprouted 6 cornucopias.


No, I wasn't going to add a lightbulb just to take a picture.

Sidenote: BOO! My new camera battery isn't here yet...I'm sorry :(

Some people apparently looveeee the boob-cornucopia chandelier, to which I say, it is listed on Craigslist...when are you going to come pick it up? Please. Remove it from my home!

It came with Blue when we bought her and I just can not fathom how much money someone probably spent on this light fixture. I mean, it had 6 heads instead of 5, it did let off a decent amount of light, and I suppose the fact that it is silver instead of brass means that someone decided to put it up there fairly recently.

If this is your style I am not going to judge you. Boob-Cornucopia just wasn't the look we were going for when we designed our room.

After staring lovingly into our space as it has come together I came to the realization that I wanted something sexy, matte black, with eddison bulbs. I know, leaves lots of choices doesn't it? Pottery Barn had one a few seasons ago that was kind of what I was going for, but it was no longer sold and I felt that that version kind of looked like a spider crawling across your ceiling.

Now, I knew I wanted the matte black back when I made the two lamps, which is why they got it first. I wanted to test it out to see how cold it made the space and I suppose Nate needed some convincing.  Nate has really adopted this room as his little baby so he demanded to come with me when my mom and I made our adventure over the ReStore.

Per usual, Nate and I made our criteria list before going in the store.

  • 5 Arms
  • Pointing UP, not down
  • no scroll work
  • no frump

This is pretty much how the car ride went. "bitch about life, bitch about life, bitch about life *turns corner* WHY DOES HABITAT HAVE A GIANT SALE SIGN OUT FRONT! MOM! MOM! MOM!"

Come to find out, our wonderful Habitat had too much in their back room so they were having a 50% off sale to move some of their inventory. I just about crapped my pants. You're welcome for the visual.

I have gotten so much of my house from Habitat, so when I see a 50% off sale it is like angels are singing.

We dashed inside and ran over to the lighting section. I looked and looked for like 10 minutes trying to figure out if I could make something work, but everything was more lanterny than I wanted. Broken hearted, I looked to the heavens....annndddd THERE IT WAS. The little bastard was hiding at the top of a super tall bookshelf causing me to do my usual, "NATTTEEEE! I NEED YOUR HEIGHT!!!" Me being 5'4'' doesn't really work when I need to get a piece of glass off of a top shelf. Okay...I'm 5'3.5'' ....why you gotta be like that? We have lots of issues in our house that result in me needing Nate's height. I just don't look up and when I do I usually don't like what I see! (cobwebs...spiders...etc.)

What surprised me the most about the chandelier that it had...

  • 5 Arms
  • Pointing UP, not down
  • no scroll work
  • no frump 
  • BONUS: Chrome instead of Brass!

Giant score! We shopped around a little bit before running out of the store, but at the end of the day, my Chandelier was $13.00

Scream with excitement. It's okay, you know you want to.

Of course, since I was so excited,I forgot to take a picture of the "before." I apologize. I am blaming the fact that it was chrome for why I don't have a before picture. Nate almost wanted to hang it up as it was. But like he said with the lamps when I wanted to leave them brass, I said NO! and skittered out to the garage.

Four light (very light!) coats of black matte spray paint later (left over from the lamps) we had our perfect chandelier.

Special thanks to my friend Robby for teaching NateNate how to hang lights up, because this time it was fairly painless (though we did knock a light bulb off the table and it shattered. Don't get me started on the bad luck we've had with ridiculous lights). After all, let's not forget how it took us four weeks of walking to the house in the dark to admit that we needed to hang up the light fixture on the porch.

And here she is!

I promise I'll get a better picture of it when the camera stuff gets here. But I could not be more thrilled with how it turned out. I keep walking in and yelling to Nate, "have I told you that I love my chandelier?"

And he, of course, replies, "only about a thousand times, honey"

Now for a side by side so you can see just how much cleaner this looks than the boob-cornucopia.

This may be the best $13 I've spent on the house so far.

Have you ever had a light fixture you just hated?


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