Thursday, September 20, 2012

Blades of Glory

Aren't fan blades supposed to move smoothly without making a horrific scraping noise?

Was that some kind of misconception I was taught?

Regardless, when Nate put up our new fan blades, they looked great but weren't sitting right in the mechanism. Nate had to go up there a few nights ago and take them all down and put them back up. He thought maybe they weren't level when they went back in. After he got back up there (and got covered in dust AGAIN. WTF Blue? We just put those up a few weeks ago! I can't climb 14 feet to dust you every day...) and turned it back on it was still making the noise.

What made it slightly terrifying as well was that since something wasn't balanced the fan started breaking loose from the ceiling and moving in a horrific pendulum type motion.

I may have been like 65% sure that the whole fan was going to come crashing to the ground.

After a few attempts, a lot of curse words, and me fidgeting underneath trying not to squeak things like "don't break my fan!" or "aieeeee...." I had the most genius idea. "NATE! Why don't you just sand the blade down?"

He gave me that look that he gives me like he's slightly confused...but it just might work and he's tired of working on the damn thing anyway, so why not?

I handed him a piece of 60 grit paper and told him to be very, very careful. I then got the "I got this" look, so I shut up and went back to mumbling and squeaking.

But! It worked! I mean...the fan still makes a weird noise (I think from letting it go for a week off balance...) but it's no longer a guillotine waiting to happen. I think getting a new fan may be getting put on the list but luckily the heat is finally out of Michigan so we're back to freezing our butts off and hating the fact that we live in this blessed state, and the need for a fan won't arise until June.

So far, Nate has conquered this fan twice. Here's hoping he doesn't have to do it again...

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