Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Drip Drip Drop I Love My Shower!

Thought we'd give you a quick break from the family/dining room overhaul and give you a little Nathan victory. After all, who doesn't love victory?

Nathan is 6 feet tall. 6'2'' if he is wearing his steel toes. This isn't a weird height. That is, unless you are trying to take a shower in Blue. Ya see, the upstairs shower is attached to a claw foot and is only about 5'7'' (perfect for me, at 5'4'') and the downstairs shower is at 5'10''. So close!

Instead of trying to re-plumb our entire house to accommodate for his apparently giant three inches, We thought we would try adding a simple removable shower head. 

People always say that adding a shower head can be an inexpensive way of updating a bathroom. Can someone please explain to me what the world considers to be "inexpensive"? To me, inexpensive is under $20. Inexpensive is something I don't need to budget for, and something that costs less than a meal out. Money we won't miss. That is what I consider inexpensive.

So when I went to Home Depot and Lowe's looking for these "inexpensive" shower heads, lame ones were even $50-60. 

That is not inexpensive! I mean, yes, it is less than redoing your entire bathroom, but it isn't something that on a random Saturday you can be like "I'm going to change my shower head, dedede"

Saddened, I thought I would try Home Goods, because sometimes they have random things like fixtures. Low and behold, a beautiful 3 setting, removable "rain" shower head was marked down to $11.53. 


The goal was to get Nate a shower where he doesn't have to crouch down and be miserable. Was he excited about the amazingness that I brought home, yes. Did he immediately put the shower head on? No.

About two weeks later, we finally remembered to snag some tephlon tape from Wal-Mart (a whole $0.96) and we frolicked home to put the bad boy on.

Our original shower head
Nate says that all this process entailed was getting the old shower head off with a wrench and clamp (so the whole pipe wouldn't move as we removed the head), wrapping the pipe with Tephlon tape (to seal out any water) and then screwing the new shower head on.

Attempt 1 at the shower head removal. It was after this we decided we needed bigger and badder tools.

2 tries and 3 cuss words later (better than the light fixture on the porch...) We had a snazzy new shower head! Yay! We are really learning all of this as we go, so I consider only having to go to the garage twice a victory. Nate can now shower comfortably, which makes him complete things on the honey do a little easier :)

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