Sunday, September 2, 2012

Our First Big Project! Day 1: Painting

YAY! We are doing our first REAL project.

(that makes me happy.)

When we moved in to Blue, we were over the moon about the beautiful built ins in our dining room- even though they obviously aren't original to the house. Sadly, they were built around a 32 inch TV. Weeee don't have a 32 inch TV. So, things needed to be modified.

The Family/Dining Room is a long strip in the middle of our house. We actually think this was probably the end of the house when it was originally built. So, these are pictures of the ONE room, one facing each direction. Sorry for the mess, I'm not going to clean for a demo. This whole area has basically turned into a dump zone because we haven't used it.
 What will be our "Family Room" 

The Dining Area

The room has really good bones, including bead board up to chair rail height and a beautiful leaded window.

 We really love the space but it wasn't functional for us. Our TV didn't fit (and when I suggested selling the big TV and just buying one that fit it was like I was being blasphemous) so it got thrown in front of my fireplace (dislike) and since we didn't particularly "love" being in there it was just wasted space. I had had just about enough. It was something we planned on doing the week we moved into the house, but of course things like...finding crap lost in boxes gained priority.

Well, we've been in over 2 months and it was time to get this shit in order.

So here's the game plan, in somewhat but not a concrete order.

1.) Modify & Paint the bookshelves.
2.) Set up Swivel TV Mount (which we snagged on Amazon for $90 on sale, the swivel will allow us to watch TV from the front room while keeping it out of line of sight)
3.) Apply aesthetic goodies which I'm going to keep a secret :)
4.) Paint the Walls
5.) Snag a new dining set on craigslist in terrible condition to redo. (If you have the skills, this is really the best and most affordable option if you want something truly unique.)
6.) Make Pretty
7.) Enjoy.

I spent all day feeling sick, so I figured, "Hey, already feel like crap, what's a little VOC?" So i spent the day painting the family/dining room while Nate was out with friends. Nate picked this beautiful shade of Behr called "Nimbus Cloud". We wanted something sleek and sophisticated without being too cold. Nimbus Cloud is Gray with just a touch of brown and blue in it.

I also thought that because of all the detail in the room with the crown molding and the chair rail that I would test out Frog Tape. I'm sure everyone has seen the commercials for it basically trash talking blue painters tape's seal. It claimed to give perfect and crisp lines. Why not, right?

I have to say after a couple coats of Nimbus Gray I was completely in love with Frog Tape. It did everything it claimed to do and I honestly felt it came off the wall easier than blue tape (whenever I peel off blue tape it always rips and then I'd have to scratch pieces off. Not with Frog Tape!)

I think it came out super sophistocated and cozy. It has just enough brown in it to make the wood work pop and every time I walk into the space I just get giddy.

Am I going to show you what it looks like?

Of course not. You'll just have to wait until it's fluffed.

Next Chapter: Attacking the built in.

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