Monday, September 3, 2012

Our First Big Project! Day 2: Attacking the Built In

Like I was saying yesterday, we needed to modify our bookshelves to fit our TV.

We were apparently not very smart about it and said "LETS DO THIS" at nine at night without proper protective gear.

Luckily, no one was hurt, but please know WE DID NOT USE PROTECTIVE GEAR AND WE PROBABLY SHOULD HAVE. 

If you are going to do something like this, PLEASE use goggles, and cover exposed skin.

Now that that's been said, we were fine, didn't even phase us until we were looking at pictures and realized we were probably going to get in some trouble by people reading the blog (IE parents...) that we weren't wearing the correct uniform for the job.

So, disclaimer over, we killed the built in!

We really wanted to maintain the shelves above and below where we wanted the TV to go, so I marked all the shelves that needed to be removed (after measuring and whatnot) with blue painters tape. I mostly did this so we wouldn't get rambunctious and ruin the built in. (you know, smash all the things!)

Luckily for us, since this was already being used as an entertainment center we didn't have any wire holes to cut since they were already there.

Our process was very fluid, and honestly we made it up as we went. We figured the worst that could happen was we'd ruin it, the shelf would fall off the wall, and we'd just hang the TV on the regular wall. Yeah, we're really particular aren't we?

So, first we broke out the Sawzall (or as we call it, SAWSAW) to make cuts the width of each shelf. This is so when we smashed it with the sledgehammer it wouldn't be fighting with the whole unit- just that particular shelf.


Then, we used said sledgehammer to break down the shelves.

Nate wanted me to tell everyone he "smashed through all the boards in one swipe" .... Okay Nate ;)

Then we used a crowbar to rip the pieces away from the back of the unit.

Once they were all out, it required slightly more smashing...and I was feeling left out so I got to take over.

Please note that Nate handed me  a sledgehammer with an ax on the other side. I was not comfortable with this at all so I only hammered a few things out before tapping out.

Then came the part we were super nervous about. Since it was just bookshelves, there was a middle support beam. We were worried that when removing the middle shelf to make room for the TV to be mounted flush on the inside that the whole thing would come falling down.

Luckily, it didn't and Nate was still able to hang from the I'm assuming a few books and some pretties will be fine.


Super proud of ourselves, we cleaned up all the debris and called it a night (as it was about 11 at this point)

Tomorrow, the angle grinder makes an appearance. 


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