Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Our First Big Project! Day 3: Angle Grinder

This part of our adventure is pretty self explanatory but created lots of awesome pictures. Again, disclaimer, we suck and did not wear appropriate protective gear. If you do something like this, please wear the correct gear and don't die.

So whoever built this built in built it and then installed it causing all of the nails from the shelves we removed to face towards us.

We tried pounding them backwards to see what happened, on the back, no luck pounding through plaster. And through the sides caused damage. The only way to get these bad boys out was with a pair of vice grips, an angle grounder, and two strapping men.

One would grab the nail with the vice grips and then the other would get as close to the wood with the angle grinder.

Then...sparks flew.

This is what we were left with after about 15 minutes of making me incredibly nervous.

I think they had too much fun.

So that basically concludes the demo of the bookshelf...now comes the hard part of putting it back together :)

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