Friday, September 7, 2012

Parsley, Sage...

Rosemary and Thyme!

That is what I will sing every time I go into my kitchen. Not because of my collection of herbs, but because I landed these awesome pieces of rustic kitchen art on clearance at Home Goods. I think I might have an addiction to Home Goods.

Regardless, one of my big mantras is "If it's cheaper to buy than to make, just get it"

These pieces of art (Compare to Price at $50) were marked down to $12 a piece. PROOF:

Little victories like this make me feel like a badass.

I wasn't completely sold on them because they were so..."kitchen-y" and I don't understand themed artwork. Like a picture of a toilet in a bathroom; I am aware what I'm doing in here. Come on. But, there were two of these, they were the perfect colors for my kitchen, and honestly, they were so cheap that if I tried to make these myself (and if I did they would not have been so well executed) it would have been far more expensive. Just the hanging materials would have probably been $8 or so. 

I brought them home with me on the contingency that if Nate didn't like them, or if they didn't look right that I would just take them back! Home Goods has a really good return policy. No harm, no foul.

Luckily, they looked adorable sitting on my counter for the last two weeks while I debated, so all I had to take down was the stupid pot holder to have a place to put them. I understand the appeal of a pot holder, but I'm only 5'4'', there is no way I am going to reach the blessed thing.

Here is me demonstrating the frustration of such a ridiculous thing in a short person kitchen. My hand was still 6 inches away from the damn thing.
To make my hatred for this pot holder that much more intense, it took me about 10 minutes to get the three screws out. Someone really wanted those in there and I'm not sure how they did it. The screws ended up being longer than the clearance I had for my mini screwdriver. 


Anyway, back to happy and bright.

I thought I would take this opportunity to share some handy dandy picture hanging tips with you guys!

I do not see level. I just don't. If I try to eyeball something it always leans to the left, so I find it is super important to get my nails in using a level. 

"But how do you do that Emma?!"

Funny you should ask.

Before you start, especailly if you're climbing your butt up onto a counter or something, grab whatever you're going to use to hang your pciture (nails, screws, affiliated tools...), a level, and your painters tape!

I had some Frog Tape left over from the dining room so I laid a piece of tape between the two holes. Now, some people say to then stick it on the wall. But to help myself, I use a nail to poke a hole right where I need to be hitting, that way there is no guess work about, "was I supposed to nail on that side of the rip or this one..."

I find it so much easier, but, it is really your preference.

Then, put the tape up where you'd like your picture to hang and use your level to make sure the middle of the strip is dead on. This is the important part.

Then nail/screw in the holes you made and rip the tape down! Your nails will stay in place, your picture will be level, and then you don't end up like my old apartment with nail holes every half an inch trying to figure it out.

Hopefully, you'll be left with a beautiful wall without too much damage.

Again the process was:

tape the picture.
poke the holes.
put tape on the walls/level.
nail the holes.
rip the tape down.
hang up your art.

What do you think of my $24 kitchen art? I may switch the two, but I don't know if that is just my crazy perfectionism, but I do feel like the longer word should be on top.

Sing it with me...parsley, sage, rosemary & thyme...

Oh, and for you nosies, here is a picture of the other half of this counter. There was this horrid striped valance when we moved in so I hemmed our old bedroom curtains to fit.

Anyone have fun weekend projects coming up?

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  1. I LOVE your kitchen! that sink is awesome. Nice job on the pictures. I would never have thought of using tape! x


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