Wednesday, September 26, 2012


I love saving more than I spend. It is just so...liberating.

So when I saw this....

And I knew I had this....

I did this....

And we got this!

Well, two of them actually. I didn't even know these chairs were from World Market when I made my mood board for the dining room over a month ago, so it blew my mind when there they were and on SALE none the less. To see them online, go here.

We wanted two "leather" head chairs for our dining room to match Nate's little man cave chair (which is also inspired by World Market) from across the room. After we sat down and did the math, we decided that they had to come home with us before the sale was over. By buying these chairs on sale, we are basically going to get our side chairs for free (which we have yet to order...shhhh)

Granted, to get them home in our Aveo, we had to remove them from the boxes in the parking lot on a rainy night twenty minutes before WM closed...but I'd say it was worth it. Check it!

I mustache you not to take my card information

I could not believe how much we saved. Yet again a lesson to have extra cash in the bank so when you see something like this you can do it (we've gone over a year without putting something on a credit card).

We got the two chairs home and Nate and Bridget began the allen wrenching and bolt tightening.

She likes to help.
We were honestly surprised with the construction. The curve of the arms are smooth and sexy and the insides have spring construction. Much higher quality than if we'd bought $20 IKEA chairs (which we've done and almost died every time we sat down). They are super comfy, and the high back is going to make it nice to relax after big meals or game nights with our friends.

Oh yes, and this was super bothering me too...don't worry...

So on a random Wal-Mart adventure, we found a cute little black side table for $11 (not solid wood, but was cheap and it will get the job done) and was finally able to put one of the lamps I made up for good use.

That is much better isn't it?

And that is our most recent allen wrenching, furniture ninjaing, being awesome adventure.

Our old dining table is leaving this weekend so we should be finally able to get everything set up and be DONE with this project.

Can I get a woot woot?!

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  1. Woot Woot... I appreciate the Mustache! I love all the adorable things you have done so far.. I can't wait till you post a million pictures of my spare room :)


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