Friday, September 14, 2012

The Damn Perfect Chair

I love my recliner. I do. It had all the colors that I wanted to incorporate into the house but sometimes, that little brat can be such a decorating buzz kill.

But before we get into it...can we talk about how amazed I STILL am every time we walk into our family room that it went from this...

I found a real before picture. YAY!
To this?

Still can't fully comprehend what $30 in supplies did to a room. It just proves that color is EVERYTHING.

But for the fireplace room...having to choose colors around the damn chair is harder than I thought. It had all of the colors that I wanted, but the hues are slightly off than what I seem to think they are. What I thought was mustard was "pencil", what I thought was a green turquoise is "mermaid"- makes for a frustrated Emma.


This chair is visible from basically everywhere in our house as it located right at the entrance to our front room. This is why the back of the bookshelves are "#2 Pencil" as they are directly in each others line of sight.

The other obstacle I'm having in the front room is our fantastic fireplace.

This picture doesn't do the fireplace justice. This fireplace is about 6 feet tall and 4 feet across, with vintage tortoise shell tile around it.

BIG. To give you a visual of how big it is, picture Nate by Seamus.

There ya go.

After 5 trips to Home Depot, we finally found the color of the "turquoise" in the chair- the aforementioned mermaid- and are able to make some decisions on color. Since the entire first floor was a beige, it didn't really bother me until we got the pop of personality in the family room.

Here is Mermaid Song by Behr.

It is too bright for me to be able to tolerate all over my front room, so as of right now our plan is to paint the downstairs bathroom a whitened version of the #2 Pencil we used on the back of the shelves, and use the other remnant of white to water down the mermaid to a more living room-esque color. I've never mixed paint before, but I've heard as long as I use all the same bases it will be fine. We'll see how it ends up!

As of right now, here's our color scheme for the downstairs.

With of course, lots of wood. Like...a lot of wood, and touches of black and white. We'll see how this develops!

Do you strive for a cohesive space, or do you let each room do the talking?

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