Saturday, September 15, 2012

Trying to get a handle on this...

There's things we want and things we need.

We want a new back door. We need it to function.

Care for me to elaborate? Sure.

When we moved in, we noticed pretty quickly that the handle on the back door was not the correct size. How did we notice this? We kept getting locked out.

Then one day...the handle just...fell of and was so stripped we couldn't get in or out without using a pair of pliers to try to turn the rod. SUPER CLASSY.

Oh, not to mention it had these horrible country heart hooks on the door. But only two. TWO. The third one that was obviously once there was no where to be found.

So we thought...hey...let's just go see how much it would cost to get a new door. We want a new door because a.) this one is so beat up, and b.) I'd love to have one with a window in it to get some more light into the kitchen.

We ran over to Home Depot for some weekend projects and popped into the door section to get a quote. Fun fact. Blue has yet another non-standard door. WOMP WOMP.

To get a new door we we have to have one custom made and by putting the window in it quickly reached 4 digits. Don't know about you, but I don't want a new door that badly.

So we figured we would throw it on the back burner and start hitting up Habitat stores in hopes of them getting one that is in a little better shade than the one we have now. In the mean time, we thought we may paint this door but we had to have a door knob.

Home Depot had this adorable little crystal knobs that had the same mechanism as our original. (Which we originally didn't realize there were different mechanisms so this was to be our second trip to the store for a blessed doorknob.)

Brenna also cured my hatred of the country hearts by gifting us these adorable dog bone hooks from World Market (which we spray painted white- they were originally oiled bronze) which are perfect for dog leashes, etc. for the scruffy butts.

We loved it. We had visions of getting crystal door pulls for the buffet cabinets, and adding some bling into our kitchen. LOVE. Not to mention we were also able to take the dogs out without being trapped by our tall fences.

And yes, when we were getting locked out, watching Nate hop the fence to get to our front door was really enjoyable.

Then 3 weeks later...

Double Womp Womp. Notice anything wrong?

The handle literally shattered in my hands! Luckily I didn't have any huge cuts on my hands but I did have glass slivers. No fun! We don't know if maybe it was just a bad doorknob? (Crack in the glass or something) We didn't know what would make it do that.

Sooooo...we went BACK to HD for doorknob #3! Oh the adventures.

We went for basic. $7 nothing pretty or special about it.

It isn't fancy...and it isn't very nice to look at, but at least it can't shatter in my hand. We are also still able to come and go from our home as we please. Which is nice. I don't know who Blue thinks she is...thinking she can trap us inside of her.

It's been about 2 weeks now and we are still able to use it. I miss the pretty glass knob but maybe some day we'll find one we trust again or a more ornate one or something. It got to the point we were just so frustrated we just wanted a stupid doorknob!

End Rant.

We are still thinking painting the door or maybe hanging a faux curtain to give the illusion of the window until we can find one at Habitat that would fit in our jam.

What is everyone doing this weekend?

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  1. One of my proudest moments--that's why I feel the need to share--was picking our back door from someone's curb. It's practically brand new, solid core and fits my unusual door size (also old house). Then I kept my eyes open for a wooden screen door to replace the yukky steel one we had. Kept the dimensions in my purse with a tape measure. Sure enough! Garbage pick! WhooHoo!!

    Make do, and something will come along!


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