Friday, September 21, 2012

Yesterday was the first time I....


...Yes, I know, this is not home improvement related- but I felt like this was still a noteworthy occasion that deserved celebration.

Needless to say, the husband was very excited when he got home and there were fresh cookies waiting for him.

I was just super excited to be able to effectively use a kitchen. This is our first home where we actually have counter space- even with our microwave on it!

For example...I will give you the tour of those places we once lived.... (we have often walked down this street Too early for My Fair Lady?)

My first apartment was actually identical to Mine and Nate's first apartment. He didn't really like being in "my" apartment, so we moved upstairs to an identical unit that we were able to work on together.

Mine and Nate's First Apartment (YAY GREEN!)
My First Apartment

Since one part of the counter was always taken up by a microwave and the others by like...utensils and a breadbox and whatever, this kitchen did not even have room on the counter for a cutting board. We had to prepare all of our meals on the wobbly table we bought from Goodwill for $15 that eventually collapsed one night while I was slicing veggies. Not the sturdiest investment, that table.

After this apartment, we moved on top of a store in a small town about 15 minutes out of Lansing. Here was our kitchen there:
Our Second Apartment
This kitchen was adorable and actually had a gas range, which I loved, but what you see was ALL of the counter space. ALL OF IT. I actually had a desk over in the corner to put my stand mixer on since there was no room. This apartment ended up being awful and filled with mold and bugs so we broke our lease and moved about 3 months into living there...bye pretty cabinets :(

Then we moved into our townhouse in the shopping district. We loved the townhouse. We were actually able to have dogs (enter SeaButt and BridgiButt) and we had two floors so entertaining was awesome. (Awesome thing about two floors. Upstairs doesn't have to be clean to entertain. BAM)

The only thing I hated and I mean HATED about our townhouse was our awful kitchen. It was terrible. ZERO counter space, cracked linoleum floors that always looked dirty, awful lighting, and beige everywhere. If 4 dishes were dirty it looked like a bomb exploded, so our kitchen always looked like shit. It wasn't until I made this post that I realized I didn't take a single picture of the kitchen with our stuff in it. I just took it on the way to turn in our keys with a snobby "I will not miss you Mr. Kitchen!" So imagine this kitchen with a microwave, a breadbox, a stand mixer and a drying rack for dishes. No counters left to even COOL cookies. I'd have to move things to the dining room to be able to roll out pizza dough. HATED IT. Then there was the whole, sink on the island thing which resulted in water spots on the carpet every. single. time. we did dishes.

You know...I don't think you can understand how tiny this kitchen was. Here's my artist rendering of this kitchen...

I get frustrated just looking at it.

We even bought like collapsible counters and stuff to put in there and there wasn't even a wall to mount them to!


Anywho...then we bought our amazing house and finally have amazing strips of counters...

These photos capture about half of our counters...

Call me a nerdy housewife...but the fact I was able to have dishes drying, a cookie construction station AND a cooling station basically made my entire life.

Thank you, cookies, for making me love my kitchen even more.

It is important to celebrate the little things, right? What have been your solutions for lack of counters?

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  1. haha. I love your artist's rendering of you'r town house kitchen. lol. Yeah... I have still yet to live in a house in the UK with equal or more counter space than your first apartment = fail. ONE DAY! And when that day comes.... I will fill said counters with things and love every minute of it. X


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