Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A Pop of Poppy

I again, just want to thank everyone who visited us for the first time yesterday. We are so excited to expand our circle of readers and to embrace your support and friendship.

Back from that mushy, mush. Today, we venture- UPSTAIRS. To turn a rug...into ART.

Yes, we are going upstairs to mine and Nate's bedroom. Don't worry- I removed all of underwear and doggy chew toys before taking pictures.

When Nate and I first moved in, Nate designed (yeah...cute, isn't he?) our bedroom by spring-boarding off of a rug we found at Home Goods. We loved it and it was super affordable. It is part of their recent line of tapestry type rugs that we may have gone slightly overboard with (as there's probably 3 or more in this house). I can't help it that every time we're in there they have new ones and I'm slightly addicted to their affordability.

We bought a 4x6 of this almost mask like pattern in poppy for our bedroom that the entire room got designed around. Though, because it wasn't anchored under a piece of furniture, every time the dogs ran through the room it would get all bunched up and it was obvious the life expectancy was not going to be as long as we'd hoped. This would make Nate cranky and me nervous about how the heck to design a room around a rug that was either in a ball in the corner or in a trash can.

Also note our terrible lack of bedding... *sigh*

In true Home Goods fashion, when we went back a few weeks later and they had the same pattern in an 8x10 for $50. We knew we'd be able to actually anchor it under something and it would probably last longer than the smaller one, we snatched it up and were thrilled with how it fit, but we were left with a random rug with no idea what to do with.

Then I thought...I am super tired of staring at this...

So, I went to Joann's and got their new 5 pack of canvases (normally $25- though I used my 50% coupon and walked away spending $13 on those and a Lindt truffle) and came home and did a secret project while Nate was still at work.

First I laid out the old 4x6, and put my canvases on it in a way I'd like the pattern to show up on the wall.

And I cut them out...

Once I had them all situated on the canvas, I stapled them like I would if I were upholstering a chair. Heads up though, since the canvas was so thick I cut squares out of the corners so I could fold them down with less layers to staple through.

Lots of staples later I had three cavases to hang above my bed and a husband to surprise with a chore.



Basically... that is how it went.

After all was said and done (and yes, we do hate our plaster walls) this is what we were left with.

 And here is my new winter bedding I got after several cold Michigan nights of whining.

And then here's just some fun shots of how this all works with the rest of that part of the room...

I surprisingly really like the poppy color that Nate picked even though I thought it would be really jarring for a bedroom. I think the grays and whites mellow it out just enough while still giving the room a unique attitude.

4x6 Rug: $25
Canvas (and Lindt truffle for morale): $13 for 5, only used 3
Staples and other materials: Already owned/Free

Total cost for 3 pieces of artwork: $38 or $12.66 a piece (probably less because I didn't use all of the canvases but still like $10 bucks? COMEON.)


psssst: I made that flower pillow using this tutorial. It's great! I didn't even follow the rules and I think it turned out cute! 


  1. Tres chic! I love it. It looks great! You've inspired me to get off my ass and go to work in our bedroom. Honestly, we haven't even touched our master bedroom since moving in a year ago... I'm seriously itching to tear it apart and put some lipstick on that pig.

    1. Thank You! You've got me motivated to buy ALL THE BURLAP IN THE WORLD. ...and lots of ugly ugly chairs.

  2. Cute as always Emma! (and Nate!!). I have a piece (or three) of fabrics I picked up at a garage sale and may just staple it to some canvas and be done. Thanks for the inspiration.


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