Monday, October 29, 2012

And the winner is...

Thank you to everyone who posted a comment on last Thursday's giveaway post for Indestructible Dog! They are an amazing company and I am so pleased that we've had the opportunity to be both loyal customers with her as well as having the chance to spread the word.

Our random winner is... DENISE! Denise, please e-mail us by tomorrow so we can send you your new goodies! (And don't worry y'all, if we don't hear from Denise there'll be a runner up!)

As for everyone else, please take this chance to go to ID and pick up some tough dog toys for your babies and use coupon code BROKEASSHOME for 10% off your total order until November 8.

We had a little dog moment this weekend, as we celebrated Bridget's Happy Home Day. She has officially been with us for a year! We can't imagine life without our little BridgiButt.

Now, I feel like we've been dog/table chatting for a long time so, while I hope you all had a good weekend- we have been super busy. And no, we didn't get a lot of house stuff done this weekend- it was kind of a nice break, as we've been working our tails off. We wanted to take the opportunity to show a lot of our friends our house (yep, been in like 4 months, still haven't really had people over). Plus, Nate and I got engaged on Halloween three years ago, so we always have a big Halloween Party anyway. We decided to mush the two occasions together and last Friday, we Party Rocked. We also had Nate's Aunt's wedding this I said, super busy!

I wanted to share a couple things Nate and I do to throw a successful Halloween Party.

1.) Have a variety of snackies.
  • It's good to have lots of different things for people to munch on as the night progresses. People are a lot less likely to..uh... "over-do" it, if there's a constant supply of yummies in their tummies.
  • One real yummy one that we did this year was a snack mix including, peanuts, fritos, pretzels, candy corn, and M&Ms. So. Good.

2.) Label things that might be hazardous to some people.
  • I used PicMonkey to make simple signs saying, "This snack contains Peanuts" or "This is alcoholic!"

3.) Cater to your friends that don't drink
  • I always make "Virgin Jello Shots" at all of our big parties. Basically, it's one oz. portions of Jello in the same containers as the regular Jello Shots. I make them an obvious different color and hang a sign up saying which color is which. All my non-drinkers find it funny and enjoy the fact they still get to partake in some drinking shenanigans without actually drinking.
  • I also mulled the apple cider without any alcohol in it so people could add it if they wanted it, or leave it out if they didn't.
 4.) Have a bucket of old costumes that people can borrow if they didn't have time to dress up, or they may not have realized people were going to be dressing up.

This year we went as Jaws, Captain Quint, and the three yellow barrels from Jaws. (The dogs were were cooperative in the makings of their costumes- and yes. Much to Nate's grumbling, Teagan got a Tutu, because I made them, and I can.)

Guess you could say, I'm a man-eatter.

Now we just patiently await the possibilities of Trick-or-Treat-ers. Lansing does soooo many organized events that we've never actually gotten a ToT before. I really really hope we get one this year! I want one so bad!

What have you guys been ogling at Indestructible Dog? What are you guys going to be for Halloween?


  1. We never, ever get trick or treaters. I love the familyincludingthedogs Halloween theme, though. So cute!

    1. Thank you! That is such a bummer though! I want some so bad! I think it's one of those faith in Humanity things...I want parents to trust me enough to sugar up their small children...

  2. Looks like your party was a major success. I'm excited for Trick or Treaters too. I have a bowl of candy and a bowl of razor blades ready to go.


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