Thursday, October 25, 2012

Goose Eggs.

 ---Entries for the contest have closed. Congratulations, Denise!--

I hope you all enjoyed this morning's post about living with dogs (as I know many of you do) When I first started writing that article, I called my guys over at Indestructible Dog just to let them know that I was going to be including them.

They said they know what it's like to be a broke ass, and that was the beginning of our first ever....

Having tough dog toys is a crucial part of living with any scruffy room mate. Without proper stimulation, dogs can get bored and destroy things that we'd rather them not. I learned this the hard way- losing pretties and picking up scraps of toys that the dogs destroyed in ten minutes.

That was until I found Indestructible Dog and the magical Galileo Bone. We call it something much more graphic than that due to it's shape, but the sentiment still stands to how much I love this thing.We have had the one in this picture for 6 months. SIX MONTHS. With THREE DOGS. Comprehend that for a minute, and understand that before ID, we'd never had a toy last more than a day. I went from buying toys every time I went shopping to a few times a year (and that's because I want more stuff, not because we need it!)

Here's the deets:

Who Is Giving Stuff Away: Indestructible Dog

Who Is Eligable to Win?: Anyone in the United States (Including AK and HI, sorry, international winners are not avaliable with this giveaway)
What are they giving away?: 1 Galileo Bone Souper Size from Indestructible Dog and 1 $10 Gift Certificate to Indestructible Dog (Total Prize Worth $28.99)
When is this happening?: RIGHT NOW. DO IT. Contest is open from 12:00p.m. EST on 10/25/2012 until 8:00a.m. EST Monday morning and the winner will be announced on the Monday post.
Where/How do I enter?: Right here, in the comment section of THIS blog post, tell us:
  • How many animals you have, and
  • A tip you have for running a clean, safe, and/or effective home while still owning dogs. (even if you don't have dogs, you can enter, don't be shy- give that shit out as a Christmas present! If you have no dogs, just say I'm Broke!)
The Bull: No matter how many times you post, you only get to enter once. The winner will be randomly selected and a post will appear on Monday that will say who won. The Winner has until Tuesday at 8AM EST to claim their prize or we will move to next on the random list.


Get your poochies stockings filled up for Christmas (or protect your tree) by using coupon code BROKEASSHOME for 10% off your total order. This coupon code is valid until November 8! So get to shopping!

Here's my top 3 choices for all of you who aren't sure what you should get with your coupon code. Also, make sure to read about their garantee, you can't get a better promise than a 60 day toy exchange!

1.) The Galileo Bone (What if you don't win? You obviously need one)
2.) The Bacon Stick (My dogs panic if they can't find theirs they love it so much)
3.) The Mega TugoWar (I have never had a plush toy my dogs couldn't kill- let alone a tugger that didn't leave thread all over my house!)

Good Luck, and as ID would say, "Woof!"


  1. Yay! A giveaway!

    I have 1 dog and 1 kitty cat.

    The best tip I have is to get garbage cans WITH LIDS ON THEM. It hides your garbage from both people and dogs that like to 'garbage surf'.

  2. We want to win!
    Buster and Indy would LOVE some new toys. Buster is barely starting to understand how to play :)

    My tip? Keep the dogs quarantined in an easy-to-clean place during the day. For us, that is our hallway.


    My boyfriend and I "recently" adopted a 15week old puppy who we affectionately named, Jarvis. Well, Jarvis has just entered doggie teenager phase at 7 month of age. Additionally, we have one cat, Bare, who we rescued from the Smokey Mountains a almost two years ago. She was malnourished and knocked up so we took her in, let her have a very comfortable pregnancy, and then gave her kittens to our friends and family who were looking for a kitten. Now is is loved and absurdly spoiled!

    My absolute 100% biggest tip would be get your puppy into obedience classes IMMEDIATELY. Jarvis had a "puppy" course where he (and we!) learned the basics such as sit, stay, and down. He is now in a follow up course aimed for teenager aged dogs to continue the training and add more difficult tasks such as heel and come. These courses not only helped us mold Jarvis into the docile and obtainment dog he is today but also helped us socialize him! I mean seriously, where else do you find a room full of people who see a puppy and will help you train him not to jump?! When we have friends over they always say, "I cannot believe how well behaved he is!". That compliment is only thanks to the puppy classes, practice, and a solid amount of exercise!

  4. I have 2 turtles, 2 cats and 1 G*d D*mn dog, as we lovingly refer to her. She is a CHEWER for sure. She loves to destroy the toughest toys we can find.
    The best thing I do to combat the mess is vacuum the couch. We got a new couch and I have been vacuuming it every time I do the floors and it has made a world of difference! Also I keep a towel right at the back door to wipe paws when we let her in. That means we only have to get our off white carpets professionally cleaned twice a year instead of more!

  5. Woo hoo! I have 3 cats, 1 dog, and sometimes a foster dog. And HOT DAMN I am broke :)

  6. Fun giveaway! We have a very old dog who thinks he is still a puppy and three cats who reign over him.
    I have to vacuum every. single. day. We have hardwood floors so the fur is obvious and everywhere.

  7. We have one yorkie/poodle mix, but are currently keeping an elderly cat and a Shipperke for an undetermined amount of time. The Shipperke is a lot more, um ENERGETIC, than our yordle.

  8. LOve this! My chocolate lab marley destroys most toys. HAve only found a few that she can't ruin. Crazy girl! Even at 5 years old, we have found that if we don't exercise her enough, daily, she will find some trouble to get into. Keep them busy :)

  9. Well i live in a small apartment with one bouncy boxer and one crazy cat.

    One tip i would share with everyone is that you need to make sure, if youre in a situation like mine, That your pups get enough exersise. Thay way they dont get into trouble and rip things apart.

    Another tip, being allergic to both cats and dogs, make sure that your bed room is pet free. I know thats hard, but for us the cat is not allowed in the bedroom but the dog is because my allergies to her is not thay bad. Also keep covers on the sofa and other furniture, that way you can easly clean up the pet hair.

  10. I have two 50ish pound dogs in a 700 square foot condo and work 80 hours a week. The best advice I can give any dog owner is to crate train your dogs. It makes life so much easier. One of mine voluntarily spends most of his day in his crate sleeping with the door open. I'm a sucker and let my dogs sleep on the bed. I just compromise by changing the sheets often :)

  11. i have 3 chihuahuas, amigo, nee nee, & egypt. the best tip i have is, keep your broom and dust pan, and mop handy at all times no matter how well trained they are.

  12. Two dogs, Chloe who is a mut and Murphy, my overstuffed choc lab. Both love to play and run. They are a big part of our family.

    Thank you for the giveaway.

  13. I have Wilson, a one-year-old Coton, one dog nephew named Gregory who is a weird mutt mix that can destroy any toy he encounters in moments, and, of course, I am constantly harassing Seamus, Bridget, and Teagan.

    I have found that certain dogs respond differently to various household fabrics and textures- Wilson, for example, loves suede and leather, Gregory loves coarse courderoys, and Teagan loves fluffy puffy blankets <3 By getting a few cheap, semi-destructible items in your dog's favorite texture and giving it to them to have for their own, they are less likely to wreak havoc on your own more costly fabric items.

  14. Indestructible toys?! Yes, we need those!

    I have 3 dogs and 2 cats....Lucy, the cattle dog mix; Gable, the shaggy sheepdog; and Fiesta, the beagle. And then Athena and Gavroche the kitties.

    Tips, tips....hmm....the biggest container of OdoBan they sell?

  15. I have a lovely boxer and a cute little kitten (and a boyfriend, if that counts too :P)

    My biggest tip is safety first: Please make sure your pets have all neccesary vaccinations and are chipped and wear a collar or tags! Even if you have "inside" pets, it only takes a second for the kitty to run out the door or the dog's leash to slip throug your fingers. If something like this would ever happen to you, your chance of getting your beloved furry friend back is just sooo much higher.

    1. Denise! YOU WIN! Please e-mail us your address in the next 24 hours at so we can get you your goodies.

    2. Yay awesome! Thank you so much! I just emailed you! :)

  16. We have four dogs. My best tip is to neuter/spay your dogs. It makes them a little calmer and not as nuts.


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