Wednesday, October 10, 2012

IKEA Hack?

Well, honestly, I have no idea if this counts as an IKEA Hack or if it's a...World Market Hack? Someone educate me.

If you remember, we bought nate this "leather" chair from IKEA a few months back because it resembled a chair he loovveeeddd from World Market.

So, apparently the reason Nate loved the chair from World Market was because of how the seat cushion wasn't the leather so his legs wouldn't stick to it if it were hot out (or if we played video games for 37,000 hours straight). He also apparently forgot he told me that was why he love it. So Monday, during the Columbus day sale at JoAnn's, I grabbed this awesome Home Dec fabric (originally $45/yd) for about $12 a yard. Since I only needed 1.25 yds, it was a super affordable time to do it.

To do this, I laid the cushion out on the fabric, (right sides together) and drew an outline of it. Then, I cut about 1/4 inch outside of that.

To do the long strip, I measured around the outside using my super awesome pink tape measure and the height. (It ended up being about 78x4) I had to do it in two strips, which I sewed together off center to make sure the seam was going to be hidden by the arms of the chair. Once I was done cutting, I had two large pieces for the cushion top and bottom, one long strip and a strip for the back.

To make sure that everything fit together, I laid it over the cushion and pinned it in place- just to double check.

Then, at the back of the cushion, I attached the invisible zipper to the back strip and one of the cushion pieces.

Oh. And apparently all y'all been hounding me for a video about how to install one of these bad boys. I present to you, 18 minutes of Emma babbling on about how to install an invisible zipper. 5 hours of uploading later, I ask you to pardon the couple mistakes that I make (that I correct myself on) and all of my weird sewing faces.

Sorry if I talked obnoxiously long about released me awkwardly with three dogs and a video camera. But yes, that is how you install an invisible zipper.

Then, I sewed the rest of the bad boy together. Remember to cut little relief cuts around curves if your cushion has them. When it comes to sewing, straight and curved can work together with a little finagling and a lot of pins! After I struggled stuffing the cushion into it and here's what I was left with!

I really like how the Ikat patten works with the valance I made for the built in.

So tell me, is this an IKEA hack...or a World Market fake?


  1. I love that you've posted a video tutorial. I know the first place I'm going to when I need an invisible zipper. In what other instances would an invisible zipper be used?

    1. You can use an invisible zipper in anything that asks for a zipper! Just replace the steps for a regular one with the ones shown in the video. Most likely you'll use it on pillow cases, dresses and other clothing items (a side zipped blouse, or a skirt) but really the possibilities are endless.

  2. I LOVE that fabric. The Ikat is gorg! Nice sewing. We all know I'm way too lazy when it comes to sewing. Thumbs up!

  3. My little baby is growing up.. look at you posting video tutorials! Thanks for that, though I don't sew often, I feel fully prepared for any zipper I may need to tackle..also it's nice to see your face every once in a while!

  4. Just one question......why? I'm afraid you're just getting a little too much pattern action going on for me. But it's your house, so do what you love. Hugs

    1. Valid Question! Some designers say that it is important to layer 5 fabrics in a space to create diversity. You need to mix organic and geometric as the organics are more feminine and geometric is more masculine. These two are our organic prints, the leather is a masculine and we have two more masculine prints to make pillows out of. If there are the same colors it will work. I guess the best way for me to compare it is it's like having a bunch of different frames and spray painting them all one color.

      Plus...the curtain fabric didn't have brown in it :)

    2. Good answer kiddoo! I didn't know the 'rule' about 5 fabrics.. maybe that's why my abode tends to lean toward the sedate (read boring) I will keep that in mind. Thanks!!

  5. Fantastic tutorial. Also, maybe this is a way I could do something with my own leather sofa...


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