Thursday, October 18, 2012

It's Time.

I decided it was time for me to stop ignoring it, face my fears, and start on the dining room table.

That I bought like...2 months ago and has been sitting in the garage.

Why did I wait so long to do this? Honestly, I don't know. I have been intimidated by the project and therefore have worked on EVERYTHING in the dining room except for the table. I've never stripped a piece of furniture by myself, I've always had my MIL's help (and by help, I'd come home and something would be magically done, ready for me to paint, upholster, whatever) so I was really apprehensive about doing it alone.

But, we're having a party in just over a week. And I want people to look at it and go WOW! You've made such a difference in here! Not, wow...uhhh your green table does not match at all. No one would actually say it, but that's how I feel. So I thought, it's hardwood- the worst that will happen is I'll fail miserably and I'll have to call my MIL and make her clean up my mess.

So, since it was 65 and sunny (not a cloud in the sky, might I add) I went to the garage, suited up, threw the butts in the back yard and got to work.

Here's the fantastic, giant, awesomely rustic table I bought off a frat boy for $30 off craigslist. Well, 40. I had him deliver it so I gave him money for beer.

As it was in a frat house, it is a little beat up...

But I read a review online saying that a stripper called CitriStrip worked just like spray paint and then after half an hour you just scrape it off with a paint scraper and you should have pretty close to bare wood. I thought, spray paint and scrape, I can do that. I thought I'd start with the legs to get the frustrating part out of the way. So I set up my sawhorses and MDF and plopped them up there and sprayed.

After less than ten minutes, the spray started to goop up and the finish was just dripping off the legs.

You could even start to see wood under all that honey oak stain.

After half an hour of letting it sit, I took my paint scraper and started going to town on it. Downfall to this was that since the legs are spindley, I could only scrape off about a fourth of an inch at a time. It was very taxing and completely irritating. I think if I'd been good to myself, I would have done the table top first for morale.

The stripper totally did it's job though, it got those bad boys down to the wood...or in the parts that I could get the little scraper guy in. Pure Michigan style, my beautiful 65 and sunny day turned to this...

So Nate and I scrambled to get everything into the garage and it resulted in us tag teaming working on the table on the floor, and trying to wipe off all the excess gunk off the legs.

We ended up getting everything scraped and wiped, but we had to call it a day before we could get to the sanding stuff.

We tried to sand one part and the piece of sand paper got totally ruined after an 8 inch section because of excess gunk. Even after we washed them, dried them, and cleaned out the crevices with toothpicks and toothbrushes.

Anyone have any suggestions before we pick back up on this?


  1. Replies
    1. In my defense I called her twice yesterday but she was driving home from Traverse City

  2. Seems like that stuff worked pretty well. Was one can enough to cover the whole table & legs?

    1. I was able to get all four legs and the table top done. The lip on the table wasn't able to be done in that can so we have to get another one. Good question- I should have mentioned that. And that I might have gotten a little bit on my blue house and now there's a spot on my house that isn't blue...


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