Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Revisiting Goals

I frequently have to revisit my list of goals to make sure that I'm making progress. About 1.5 months ago I posted a list of goals I wanted to complete before the Holiday Season and I wanted to see where I stood 6 weeks later. Some things have snuck onto this list and others I am not sure still make the priority list, but here we go.

1.) Get the TV Mounted BAM. Did that here.
2.) Get the dining room/TV room, painted and fluffed. This is done. The room is painted and all the extras are done. Just waiting on the Table, which is technically #6  Did the painting here
3.) Get the living room painted/ Fireplace checked
4.) Get the hallway re-wallpapered, and get new light fixture
5.) Get the front porch furniture spray painted and cushions re-covered. I'm deciding to call this done. The weather in Michigan turned a little sooner than usual and I don't see much more spray painting happening this season. Did that Here
6.) Refinish Dining Room Table (the chairs are done, the table is not....kind of feeling a hankering for a new dining set but I will refinish what I have before I do anything drastic) Well...funny that I said this as I ended up donating my table to a friend in need and am currently working on redoing the new one. Don't know whether or not to cross this off... we'll leave it on as I have a NEW table to refinish.
7.) Paint upstairs hallway
8.) Stain Bathroom Cabinet/ Frame Mirror
9.) Artwork for Master Bedroom  Yessss. Did that here.
10. ) Strip Wallpaper and paint upstairs bathroom.

I think that the "fluffing" of the dining/family room has taken a lot of our energy. It's things like making lamps, or creating artwork, or changing out light fixtures that make a huge difference but don't get a lot of credit.  Overall though, I consider 4/10 some solid work for just over a month.

I still really want to get the Formal Living Room painted/the fireplace checked (#3) and to get #6 finished (finishing the table) before the Holiday season. I'd love to get #4 done (the front hall), but we are having such a hard time picking a wall paper that I don't know if it will happen.

#7 (paint upstairs hallway) I can easily do in an afternoon, just gotta decide where I want to go with it...I feel like I need to get #4 done before I can do this.

#8 (downstairs bath) will get done. I will smack Nate if this doesn't get done. That's right. I said it.

#10 I don't particularly care about anymore. It needs to get done and we already have a lot of the materials needed to get this completed, so it may sneak through, but I would rather focus on the downstairs bath where guests will actually be instead of the upstairs.

Overall I am impressed with my progress on the house. There's been a lot of other weird little projects that have been done in the last six weeks that it makes this list look kind of puny. I am so thrilled to be writing this blog as it is holding me accountable for everything I said I would do.

Here is my new revised list. I like crossing stuff off as much as the next girl, but I feel like it gets confusing after awhile to see what you've done and what you haven't.

1. Finish the dining room table & purchase chairs
2. Install new bathroom countertop
3. Stain existing bathroom cabinet
4. Frame mirror in bathroom
5. Get a new pretty white energy star toilet for the downstairs
6. Add dual flusher to toilet upstairs
7. Paint the downstairs bath.
8. Paint the living room
9. Get the fireplace checked
10. Sew curtains for the dining room
11. Get curtains for living room
12. Sew new throw pillows for the family room
13. Get a runner for the hallway
14. Create a boot drip for the front hallway
15. Get the garage door fixed

We'll see how I do on this revised list. The items that were on the previous list get moved over to my master list. Yes, I'm one of those. So don't fret, they'll all still get done, their priorities have just been moved.

What are you hoping to get done before family invades for the holidays?

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  1. I'm just like you in the sense that I am totally a list-maker. There is nothing more satisfying than crossing off items from a list. You guys have accomplished a significant amount! That is cause to celebrate. My goal is just to finish our damn basement before October is over!


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