Monday, October 15, 2012

Roll Them Shades

I'm one of those pathetic people who can not really read directions. I don't care if they're explicitly laid out- I do much better hanging out with the not-so-stick figure from IKEA. So, this weekend, after a quick trip to my parent's home in Chicago, I am going to share some wisdom that just got passed from CQ (my mother) to myself.

How to install a roller shade.

I know. Super interesting, right? But I had no idea how to do it so, I think it's of value.

As with any window covering there are pros and cons involved with Roller Shades;

  • Super Affordable (at about $5 a piece)
  • Fits many windows
  • Kind of fun to watch them fly up when you're opening them
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Don't really have to clean them (since they're so affordable, if they're gross, throw them out and follow this process again to replace them)
  • Comes in 3 different densities, ranging from filter to black out
  •  Don't particularly add any value to your home
  • If you don't line them up perfectly, they won't draw correctly
  • Sometimes they freak out trying to wrap themselves the wrong way
  • They fall if they're too loose (I remember being a kid and going to pull the shade up and it would fall down and attack me)
If Blue hadn't come with expensive wood blinds I would probably switch to roller shades simply for the cleaning factor. I hate cleaning blinds. It'd be nice to be able to recycle the dirty coverings.

In some of these pictures, my adorable mother makes an appearance. If you guys like me, you would LOVE my mother. The plethora of knowledge rocking around in her cranium is astounding. She can't do math (in fact, it's fun to watch the two of us at the fabric store trying to figure out if we need 5 or 15 yards) but damn, can she make a delicious apple crisp and can she pick a fabric. She's been waiting 15 years to do her bedroom. (When I was like 7, my sister decided she didn't want to live with me anymore and moved into the hallway so my parents moved downstairs into my dad's Native American themed office. As the move was quick, she never got to convert the decor into a master bedroom- so the fact that she even changed the roller shades was super duper exciting.)

First things first, they just got their hardwoods redone after them being hidden under 30 year old carpet (YUCK!) How gorge are these things?

Okay, so installing shades. Here we go.

1. Remove hideous old roller shades (Hi Mommy!)

 2.  Find your "Magic Fit" Roller shades.

3. Remove the little plastic guy from the bottom

4. Unroll your shade ALL THE WAY

5. Remove the paper protecting the sticky thing (but don't let anything touch the sticky!)

6. Stick the circle side into it's mounting that you've already installed and push on the roller to shrink the size. The sticky will keep the roller at the correct size and you will have more shade than roller at this point. Also heads up, you need to do this for every window- don't try to make them all the same size at your table or something because no two windows are the same.

7. Take your shade off the mounting and stick your shade to the remaining sticky. You need to be as straight as possible to ensure good hanging!

8. If your window is a good size, there should be perforated slits right off of the edge. If there are not, take your shade to a table and cut the shade to size. If you see the perforated slits, take the one closest to the edge of your roller and gently, straightly rip your shade to size.

9. Cut the tab on the bottom

10. Roll your shade back up and put it into place in the window.

11. Insert your plastic sticky thing and cut it to size.

12. Enjoy your new shade!

Isn't that super simple? I gave her a lot of sass for not doing it sooner, though she gave it right back for me not knowing how to do it in the first place. We also hung up her curtains that have been sitting in a box for the last two years while she put the rest of the room together. It was an easy project but it was one of those things that really solidified the fact that she was actually getting her room make over.

Now, I need all of you to tell her to get rid of her giant behemoth storage polished oak 80s-tastic platform bed and get a sleek oiled brass bed. (please. for me.)

What simple changes did you guys make this weekend?


  1. That IS totes easy. I can think of a few places in GMM that windows need shades...

  2. Wow! My room looks great!!! LOL. Love you.

  3. Thank you so much for this easy to understand post. I googled all kinds of how to's and this was by far the easiest to understand and follow. This single mama just hung some shades!


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