Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Round Pegs in Round Holes

Some things are meant to go together; bacon and peanut butter, Emma and Nate, Chocolate and milk, or even tools and peg boards for example. If everyone can remember, a couple weeks ago I painted the existing pegboards in our garage to give them a fresh color. This was partly to brighten up the garage, and partly to motivate my amazing Nate Nate to hang up all of his tools that were strewn around the garage.

It didn't happen right away.

So as I've been working on this table, I've been tripping all over his tools. I almost fell on a chainsaw three times. So finally I said, "Nate, we're going to the store for you to pick out stuff for your peg boards". Then after that, and 45 minutes of him playing solitaire (update: he says it was Skyrim) while I stumbled all over his stuff, he came outside to get to work.

Then we organized. I LOVE organizing. Granted, we didn't get enough of the big pegs to hold everything we need, but at least everything is off the floor or tucked in his tool box under the stairs. I have a floor in my garage. Which puts me one step closer to replacing the door mechanism and being able to park in my garage (right now it is broken so we have it padlocked shut in three places so no one can walk up and fling the garage open). The goal is for me to be parking in the garage by the first snow, and we want to use one of the pegboards as a coat rack/mud area so we're not tracking snowy boots through the hard wood foyer.

Here's the adorble flannel man himself ready to play with all his stuff. True to man form, and he'll be the first to tell you this, he hates stuff on his honey-do list, but once he gets going he gets super into it.

And for the Nate's butt fan club (members: me) here's a picture of his butt.


Anyway, the hardest part about this was just figuring out what was the safest way of getting stuff up off the floor. Then Nate had to figure out what he wanted grouped together, etc. He ended up really enjoying it and finding a lot of stuff he didn't know we had. We inherited all of our tools so he's never really gone through all of them.

And, because it's us, things ended up getting pretty goofy.

Because honestly, who doesn't get silly with WD-40 and welder's goggles? Honestly. You know you do it.

Like I said, we didn't get everything hung up, and a lot of stuff will be going to the basement for the Michigan winter, but I was thrilled to be able to do the last couple steps of the table uninhibited by scenes straight out of Final Destination.

Staying alive long enough to see this damn table get done...it's not too much to ask, is it?

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  1. It's enjoying the little things in a marriage!

    1. haha, so true Tracie! It's what makes a good marriage great!

  2. There's no better feeling than organized tools.

  3. Replies
    1. Dad, if you owned enough tools to organize them, you'd do it too! :)

  4. New reader here and really enjoying your blog. Can't wait to see the table!

    1. Welcome, Michelle! The table is currently curing for a few days so you'll see it by the end of this week. Hope you stick with us! :)

  5. 1) is there a membership fee for the butt club? 2) SHOW ME THAT DANG TABLE ALREADY!!!!! 3) the peg boards look wonderful 4) I like Nafanhubs as the flannel mad scientist...

    1. 1.) For you? No Charge. 2.) Not for a few more days- it's currently drying and hardening, 3.) Thanks!, 4.) Yeah, he's kind of cute!


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