Friday, October 26, 2012

So you wanted ANOTHER table Post? Bitches be Cray.

I leaked the other day that I did the table gray and yellow. (P:S is it Gray or Grey? I've never actually been able to figure that one out) I thought I would detail some of the process of doing the table so as soon as we reveal it we can MOVE ON. (I don't know about you guys, but I'm over the damn dining room!)

Last time you guys saw the table, I showed it half stripped with Zip Strip and half stripped with Citristip.

With a blank slate, we were ready to add color/stain, and we knew we wanted to do a two toned table from pins like this...
I'd love to tell you where this is from, but it is a dead link

Actually this pin is pretty much EXACTLY what we are doing/did- only less crappy chic (sorry- I like clean paint- I've never understood the whole chippy paint thing).

When we first bought the table, we purchased Minwax's antique walnut stain. We thought it would go really well with a few antiques I picked up (as part of the reveal) and the wood would be a nice contrast tone.

Then, when I was doing my 4 hour run to every damn hardware store in the Lansing area looking for ZipStrip, I stumbled across this color at Menard's. Trust me, I'd been in every single store and I had never seen it before!

It is called "Classic Gray" and is apparently part of their new line of tinted stains. I got slightly giddy and snagged it up, because as you can see in the picture above, it resembles pallet board very closely and if you can remember the family room (which is part of the dining room), we did pallet accents, as well as making pallet art for the dining room. So rotting wood is all over the place! While I think the Antique Walnut would have been pretty too, I think this is much more what we were going for.

To apply the stain, simply use a foam brush and follow the grain of the wood. Let it sit 10-20 minutes depending on how dark you want it (we actually left ours on overnight one coat because we wanted it as dramatic as possible). Once it's to the color you'd like, wipe off the excess with a jersey cloth. If needed, apply more coats.

While that was drying, I spray primed the legs of the table as well as the underside. I did use a brush for the lip of the table, but I thought it'd be way easier on the curvy legs to spray them.

After the primer was dry, I went through and painted several layers of the color onto them. I think this picture was coat one.

And somehow by happy accident, after 3 coats of stain, and it still not absobing all the way (mostly on the parts I used CitriStrip and I couldn't get everything removed/clean, and blotches of wood color were still coming through. I couldn't decide if it looked awesome or terrible, when Nate pulled out a leftover board of pallet. They looked like the pallet had gotten plastic surgery and turned into a table.

This picture is a prime example of what the orange peg boards do to pictures...

I still can't decide if it will make me look lazy or like I "distressed" it on purpose- though at this point, I don't particularly care. Ok, I really do care. But, this is week 2 of this table monopolozing my life and I just want it in the dining room. The chairs will be here Monday and I will eat dinner on this thing in triumph. Damnit. :)

What do you think? Lazy, or awesome?


  1. Unique. Can't wait to see it "in context". It's going to be amazing. I would always rather have something unique than have something mass produced. Where is the challenge in that?

    1. I agree.....if you go to all this trouble, you want something uniquely YOU!!

  2. I love the gray/yellow combo. I want to our restain our kitchen cabinets, and I like the idea of gray. Hmm...

    1. I'd say do it, but I can't tell you how it looks on perfectly stripped wood. I'd love to know though!

  3. I'm excited to see the finished product in its environment. You did a great job.

    But WHY do you have to hate on chippy paint? I enjoy it. In fact, that is how I'm going to be doing our grandfather clock makeover.

    1. After painting and redoing many a many thing I'm very much under the impression that if I want chippy paint, I mind as well not put the effort into redoing it. Redoing furniture is such a pain to just scrape half of it of, or use crackle paint or whatever. Someday, maybe I will appreciate it but as for now if I'm going to put effort into something, I want it to look new! lol

  4. looking great! Can't wait to see it finished and with the chairs!


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