Friday, October 19, 2012

Stop. Just Stop.

So there I was...thinking I was a bad ass working on my table.

I even sent a picture to my friend and said, "Look! A table!"

That being said, I also had this terrible feeling like something was going terribly wrong. I couldn't get all the gunk off, and when we said "screw it" and started sanding it, the stripper was turning into glue from the heat of the sander. As the lady from My Big Fat Greek Wedding would say, "It no work!"

We tried everything we could think of, we tried brushing the gunk off with a tooth brush and tooth picks, scrubbing the crap out of it with mineral spirits, running the scrape-y thing all over it over and over again. Nothing worked. We still got the glue-y tar buildup on the sander.

So, like any mature adult, I started BLOWING UP my mother in law's phone. Leaving pathetic voice mails like, "Mom! Please just come here and tell me if I'm ruining this table! PLEASSEEEE" and of course she was busy doing logical grown up things like getting her hair done instead of illogical things like me (like hiding in my garage on a Thursday afternoon creating a Greek tragedy over a frat house table) Finally, in the midst of the scene where I'd stab my eye out because I couldn't stand myself, an angel appeared in my driveway.

She looked at me with a smile and said, "WHAT!"

I threw myself at my mother in law's feet, "MOMMY, I BROKE THE TABLE!"

And she looked at me, she looked at the table, sighed, and said, "Stop. Just stop. Go eat dinner. I'll be over tomorrow to show you how to do it right."

Then she pet the dogs and left.

Deflated, I cleaned my stuff up and went inside and ate my weight in carrots while singing soft kitty.

In my defense she said the process I did was quazi right and the only thing I technically did wrong was I was using a metal scraper rather than a plastic one. When I told her on Monday I had bought CitriStrip and was going to use that she said, "I've never used it, let me know how it works"

Well, I thought it worked well. Kimmy said it worked terribly and we have to restrip the entire table and that the irremovable gunk is excess finish on the table.

Le sad.

So tonight I will go back into the garage and let the woman who can do this stuff in an hour show me how it's done. That's what I get for trying to be independent I suppose.

So, Brokers, we will be having the lesson on how the marvelous Kimmy rocks this shit out. Don't worry, I promise to share with the class.

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  1. That little corner picture you posted looks pretty good anyway! Glad you're getting some experienced help; can't wait to see the finished product :)

  2. Oh noes :( Everyone needs a rescue team to call in during snafu times. For me it's my dad. Like how he fixed my level doors in .3 seconds. At least you have all weekend to fix it and get it right. I expect many pictures!

  3. Asking an expert for her help is what friendship is all about. We share our talents and everyone benefits. Kimmy rocks. I look forward to seeing her tutorial.


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