Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Butts Ate My Pillow

The scruffybutts ate my favorite throw pillow.

Cue horrible sad serenade and montage of me snuggling the throw pillow watching Grey's Anatomy, sobbing like a baby.

Rewind two months, and I had half-assed put up the so overdone "photo wall" just to see if I liked it. I still don't think I do, but I kind of like the direction it's going now. I also somehow compressed it while I was hanging it and everything ended up all shmoosed together.

Hint for if you want to do this; lay everything out on the floor and trace the frames out on wax paper taped together, then hang it up. I cut out my wax paper pieces and I think that was my downfall.

Here is my terrible shmooshed "photo wall"

Womp Womp.

I decided one of the issues was that I had only mismatched frames...which I liked, but It didn't work here.  There's also supposed to be another one of the key plates up in the top corner but I got frustrated and didn't want to put more holes in my wall...so it's tucked in a drawer. (The key plates are actually original to the house after we had replaced the doorknob)

I thought an easy solution would be to spray paint some of the frames black. I figured I'd paint some black and keep others browns to keep it talking to the family room. There was a wall that separated them once upon a time, but in 2006 when the house was remodeled they ripped it down. Now I have to be all exhausted with a cohesive floor plan. Blech.

I took the frames out to the garage and lightly sanded them. Then I spray painted them using the left over matte black that I had laying around the house.

Few hints for spray painting:

1.) Keep your hand moving about 6-12 inches above whatever you're painting. It is when you stand still that you get the drippies.
2.) It is a fast...but slow process. You'll have something done way faster compared to hand painting, but it's better to do 2-3 thin coats rather than one gloopy coat. Some spray paint dries in about 10 minutes and is super easy to keep smacking coats on it.
3.) Do it in lots of light- or you will miss a spot.
4.) Let it sit outside for as long as you feel comfortable doing so. The longer you wait to play with it, the harder/stronger the paint will be.

Back to the sad pillow death.

I decided I wanted to keep it in the room and not hold a funeral service. After my paint had dried, I took the piece of glass from the frame and traced it onto the pillow (aka fussy cut) and cut out my adorable owls.

I did this for another pillow that had died, and then I stuck them into the new sexy black frames.

I am in love with the fabric in the frames. I think it helped 100% (I'm still working on the top half so all y'alls are gunna have to wait) butttt..... I still hate where they are.

Again, with the Womp Womp.

So I'm probably going to find a new home for them. But who knows, maybe once I finally get that room painted I might enjoy it. For now this is still on trial. At least I rescued a few of my owls?

I'm going to go stare at this and decide if I want to burn it, move it, or make it work.

Who's got a quazi victory to share with the class?


  1. I love how the framed owls look. Adorbs to the max. We did a gallery wall in our bedroom a few months back and used butcher paper templates to figure out a lay out. I'm glad we did because there are far less holes in the wall than there would be had I guessed.

  2. Just a quick question about those very cute owls......how much wider than the glass did you cut the fabric? and how did you get it to stick to the backing?? Thanks!!

    1. I cut the fabric to the exact size of the glass and just put them in. Because they were a thick fabric when i put the backing on they stuck perfectly. Good questions!

  3. I am so IN LOVE with those owls! Super adorable!

  4. Oh, I love what you did with the owls! I would have been so devastated if something ate a pillow with owls that cute on it! But now you can enjoy them in another way. I am really enjoying your blog; it’s refreshing to read a real blog with a real budget!

    1. Thank you so much, I pinky promise to not sugar coat how much we suck at DIY- but at least we try! :)


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