Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Where do we go from here?

I don't know about you guys, but I'm mildly to moderately obsessed with musicals. Yep. I'll admit it. I'll even admit that I'm listening to my Rogers & Hammersteins Pandora Station.

So when we finished the dining room yesterday, I waltzed around my house singing this beaut from the Buffy the Vampire Slayer Musical episode. ( didn't know there was one? It's on Netflix. Last episode of Season 6. Do it and giggle)

So after my dance, NateNate and I sat down to discuss possibilities and the answer was glaring us right in the face. The first floor bathroom.

It's located right off the family room in this weird...bump of an extension on the house. Yes, that is what that door was.

We've been kind of ignoring that bathroom since there's nothing "wrong" with it. ...It could just be so much better. Although that is how most of our house is. Nothing in our house is like CODE RED, FIX THIS. (well, except the roof. but we'll get there) as it was renovated in 2006.

Here's a picture (courtesy of our listing agent) of the half of the bathroom we'll be focusing on. Because yes, I forgot to take a picture while the sun was still up.

The layout of this bathroom is REALLY wonky, which is why we're only focusing on this half of the room.

The shower stall almost touches the vanity so you have to side step to get to that little area behind it. That little area also just happens to have a beautiful big window- which coincidentally lets no light into the space because the shower stall runs to 6 inches below the ceiling (it's a low clearance room) and has a wall that faces the window.

Yeah, right? Who puts a shower stall where it will block a window? What is the point of even having the damn window?

Eventually what we want to do is something like either of these...

But that is like, way down the road. The dollar signs are too intimidating right now. But, because we want to get rid of the shower stall to fix water problems and to let some light into the room, we are not going to be messing with the Terra Cotta floors. There's no point when they're going to get taken out when we rip the shower apart anyway.

But yes, back to this:

Here is our plan:
  1. Replace the 25 year old almond toilet with a new bright white, energy efficient one.
  2. Stain the vanity a non-oak color (we need to keep this vanity as it is the only bathroom storage in the house)
  3. New drawer pulls
  4. New Countertop/Sink/Faucet
  5. Frame mirror
  6. Paint Every. Single. Surface. (Trim, walls, ceiling, moldings...)
  7. Add crown molding
  8. Potentially add track lighting to get rid of boob lamps
  9. Frost Window
  10. Add Art
We are thinking a budget of $300-$500 should suffice for this part of the bathroom, with the majority of it going to the new toilet and a plumber (that sink has had a clog since before we moved in that we've never been able to break). We made the mutual decision last night that if we go much over that we need to put the brakes on until after the holidays. We don't want to have a lame Christmas with our nieces and nephew because we got plumber happy or something.

Have you guys done a "lipstick" job on your bathroom? Do you have any tricks or regrets?


  1. All these years later I still walk around singing songs from the Buffy musical.

    I did a half bath like that in my last house. My only suggestion is to play with big art, it can make a huge difference!

  2. I am voting for the oversized corner shower because it will give you the light you want in that room and have a smaller floor footprint making that room appear larger. Plus, those shower units have clear doors which take up less visual space. My only concern is by doing things in small pieces, you'll end up spending reno money twice. Think it thru to the end result. Then break it up into pieces. But you know that, right? Love you.

    1. That's exactly why we aren't messing with the flooring or anything. I figure we'll have to paint twice, but the room really needs a fresh coat like three weeks ago (there's cracks all over the walls) so I'm okay doing that twice. The sink and toilet should not be affected at all when we do the shower.

  3. Redoing a small bathroom is so satisfying; you can make such a big difference fast and cheap! We did all of ours before we sold the old house--painted walls, painted all the oak cabinets black, changed out fixtures, some of the lights and framed one mirror. One problem we ran into that we hadn't read about on any of the mirror framing tutorials was in getting the liquid nails to keep the frame in place. Turns out we just needed to use the extra super strong bonding method or whatever of putting it on both surfaces and then pressing them together. Something like that. It told us how to do it on the label. Maybe you already knew about this, but we were new to the world of liquid nails.

    1. Ha, we use Liquid Nails but we've never had a ton of success with it because our projects aren't "sqeaky clean" like Liquid Nails likes. I've been devouring tutorials though to make sure I get it right.

  4. our bathroom was DANK when we moved in- paint on all the walls and frosted contact paper instead of a curtain or shade made a world of difference. I'm still amazed at how much even just a fresh coat of ceiling paint does for a room.

    I've asked Matt if we can add a new toilet to our wedding registry... I feel like people who know us will not be at all surprised by that. Toilets are expensive! lol


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