Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Deck My Halls.

Today, because I'm sure all of you are sick of seeing blogs about Christmas, I'm going to quickly go through our Christmas trees so we can move on.


I just feel wrong NOT doing I'll be kicked out of the bloggy club or something.

First we have the bathroom tree. We got this little guy at Target last year on clearance and bought accessories for him. Just something about feeling jolly while you pee, ya know?

Ugh- so need to get that mirror framed.

Then we have our Charlie Brown tree in our entryway. Our Charlie Brown tree kicks major butt as he has evolved over the years to this joyous little guy. I think people underestimate the fact that they can customize them and still and enjoy the fact that they don't take up much room to store.

This is our new addition this year. When I was a kid, my Aunt made my dad a ceramic tree that lit up and I would sit in the living room and stare at it. When I was probably 15, it got misplaced and we hadn't seen one since. Since I'm creepy and go on Craigslist every day, I found this guy, negotiated him down to twenty beans and he makes my sentimental heart go pitter-pat.

And then of course, we have our "Tree, Tree" We have decided after Christmas we're going to grab a tall skinny one on clearance because ours is too short for Blue's big ceilings, but there's no point in buying a brand new one for 3 weeks at full price. We shoved it under a bulkhead so it didn't look too short, but at least it's pretty :)

We also bedazzeled the stairs.

And then we decorated the chendelier.

The record doesn't have to screech to a stop, we just did a little bit.

We bought ornaments already done as I have a fear of creepy crawlies emerging from things gathered from outside- but you could easily grab pine cones from your yard, roll them in elmers and glitter. Then we put a ornament hook on it and put it over each arm.

And other than a wreath on the door and Christmas lights on the porch, that's where our Christmas decorating stands right now.

What do you I need more trees?


  1. I enjoy your synthetic forest. It is joyful!

    1. I enjoy that you called it an synthetic forest :)

  2. I'm obsessed with ceramic Christmas trees that light up. Great find! And your whole house looks very festive.

  3. Looking festive! I keep seeing the ceramic trees at thrift stores, but so far they've all had at least a couple of lights broken. I think I'm feeling actual guilt about not doing christmas decorating yet; I had a dream about it last night.

    1. Gretchen- you're super pregnant it's okay ;) Also, you can get replacement bulbs at almost any craft store. They used to be made in ceramics classes


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