Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Dining Room Price Break Down

I just realized I never gave you guys my full on price break down for the dining room! How rude of me. I'm going to try to do link backs to as many projects as I can so we're not just sitting here repeating ourselves. I will also be doing comparisons so we could see how something like "Design on a Dime" would have claimed to have done it. You know, where they don't spend as much as they "could" have but they still spend a decent chunk of change.

Let's start with pieces we already owned. We already owned our TV, 98% of the books and accessories, the Klippan loveseat, and a little side buffet thing.

I also rounded up so that we could account for some of what tax and shipping would have costed on the compare to (but it was always less than a dollar- so in reality you can add like a jillion dollars for that.)

Item (With Our Link W/A) Our Cost Competitor Price (With Link)
Table $40 (Before Redoing It) $776 Found Here
Leather Dining Chairs $190 $400 Found Here
Metal Dining Chairs $200 $436 Found Here
Chandelier $13 $322 Found Here
Antique High Chair $15 $165 Found Here
Curtain Rod $30 $89 Found Here
Curtains $35 $129 Found Here
Wood Art $0 $100 Found Here
Drawer Pulls on Table (2) $6 $34 Found Here
Table Lamps $20 $148 Found Here
Black Side Table $12 $200 Found Here
Leather Chair $180 $480 Found Here
Map Pillow $12 $30 Found Here
TV Mount $69 $360 Found Here
Fabric & Supplies $175 Built In
Total Cost $997 $3669

This makes our total savings based on these items, before tax and shipping, $2670. This also doesn't include things like the pain-in-the-ass labor for redoing the bookshelves or paying someone to paint/other easy DIY things. Let's not even talk about if we'd hired someone to design it. Wowza.

Now, this proves how cheap I am... I see that $997 and I have a giant lump in my stomach. That number is painful to me. I just keep telling myself in the scheme of things it's not a lot of money. But in my head I'm already looking at receipts trying to save more money.

Anyone else as neurotic as I am?

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  1. You did a really good job of keeping your costs low . I know you're upset about still spending almost a thousand dollars... But look how far your money went!

  2. the $997 is scary... heck I got nervous spend $150 per chair in my living room. But in the long run it's stuff you want and need that you will use for a long time, even if you alter it again. TOTALLY WORTH IT :)

    1. It does also help that it was spread out over 6-9 weeks (I don't even remember how long we were working on this damn space...) So it was probably around $100 a week, which we paid cash for. We have yet to put anything in the house on plastic, so at least we never have to worry about interest either.

  3. Nice! I feel the same way when I add up (in my head; I probably should do it on the blog, too; it looks kind of fun! I'm geeky like that) how much we spent on our library. It's mostly all in the Billy shelves (and the doors!) though, which I knew was a splurge.

    1. Yes, but just for shiggles, look into how much it would have cost to have had a contractor come in and build those. Spending money sucks, but at least when we DIY or buy things like IKEA it's a fraction of the cost!

  4. I bow down in front of your frugality.

  5. I think its pretty awesome that you broke it down like this... and even though the end total is a scary number, it's not as scary as thinking about the place before.. you could have spent that alone on a crazy table... but knowing that you spent $10 here and $20 there def helps.. and you forgot to add the deduction for awesome.. because no one else has a sassy first floor like you :)


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