Tuesday, November 13, 2012

DIW: Mayra's Fireplace

Do it yourself and do it right, then you can WRITE!

Today's DIW comes to us from Mayra in Texas!

For all the regulars, Mayra is our newest Broker and also has two dogs, thus enlisting her into our group of crazy dog people. Does this blog just attract dog people or something?

Mayra and her Fiance (along with her two pups Spike and LeeLoo) recently purchased a 1950's ranch. As with most 1950s ranches, the abundance of wood and a lack of windows creates for lots of dark rooms.

I know this big tree probably blocks a lot of light, but damn, is that a sexy tree, or am I just weird?

Since moving, Mayra and her Honey have started with projects focusing on bringing light into the spaces. They decided to start with the built in in their living room. (warning; adorable room alert)

Not to be creepy or anything, but I feel the need to caress most of this room. Look at the bones! Plus, it's oh so geometric. Everyone knows mama lovesssss geometric based rooms.

So Mayra started where any buyer would- a gallon of paint. Look what a little elbow grease was able to do to the space.

I really like how the white ties in the board and batten from the dining room making the rooms feel more cohesive. I was also very obvious with Mayra when I talked to her that that yellow elephant should come live at my house. Anyone in agreement with that?

I can't even be mad about the painting of wood work (which is a giant no-no in our house) Here is my rule of thumb for painting wood: If your house was build BEFORE 1935, don't paint it. Wood was just so pure and amazing and detailed before that, once you get into the 40s and 50s, please by all means, paint it. It was then they started using really thin wood, bad stains, and sooo much veneer. BUT. That being said, if you have woodwork already painted in your home, when you move in, it may be smart to RE-PAINT to seal in any lead based paint that might be lurking. I'm Emma Wagner and I approve this message.

Also, not that I'm bias, but I especially love how the back of the bookshelves are painted. We all know I did that in yellow. It's such a simple and sassy way to add a little bit o' BAM into your life.

Excellently done, Mayra! I can't wait to see more! Snaps!

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  1. I love how open that space is! Good joy Mayra. It it looks beautiful.


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