Monday, November 26, 2012

DIY Action Squad-- Assemble!

As you read last week, Tracie, Kenz, Stephanie and I joined together to form the DIY Action Squad- a group celebrating our love for the new Young House Love book, their authors (John and Sherry) and easy DIY projects. Remember, we aren't affiliated with YHL, but we did ask pretty please and got their blessing.

This whole thing was the magnificent Tracie's idea- we've all been doing so many big projects so it's been nice to take a break and do something fun and easy.

I decided to do a mix of two projects. I conquered #54 (Reupholster a dining chair) and #80 (Use a chair as a casual night table)

I scored this adorable ice cream chair at April's Second Hand Shop in downtown Lansing for $15.

I liked the cutesy lines of it (cute without being frumpy) and I liked how it had a firmer seat on it- which is perfect when someone is going to use it as a nightstand or in much of my family's case, somewhere to put a CPAP.

To spruce her up, all I did was wash her, take the cushions off, and put two coats of cheap white spray paint ($0.97 a can, and it works much like primer) and a few coats of flat white Rustoleum.

While the paint was drying, I attacked my fabric stash and grabbed some of this Waverly fabric I'd gotten for the family room. I didn't even bother removing the existing white vinyl because I figured if some water leaked on it having plastic under the fabric wasn't a bad idea.

To upholster a round cushion, cut a square. Then staple the four corners in (I did it on the stripes so that they would stay straight). Then pull the fabric tight around the bottom of the cushion and staple close to the edge. This makes it so if you have excess fabric it doesn't cause pleats around the circle. Cut the excess and reattach the seats using the old screws.

(Hint! If the old screw holes are stripped, you can either drill new holes or tap a wood golf tee into the whole and drill a new hole. The wood tee will give you new threads!)

I put the chair in the guest room. I love how it can be used as a nightstand or somewhere to put your shoes on- multitasking furniture- LOVE.

It was also so refreshing, as this project only took about 3 hours, including waiting on spray paint to dry. I'll admit it, I procrastinated a little bit and got impatient and didn't wait for my paint to cure for 24 hours. I recommend people wait 24 hours before bringing a spray painted piece into the house.

Now, the real question is, have you bought the book? Do you love it? What have you accomplished from it? Here's your chance to show it off on not one, but FOUR blogs (word, homie just make sure you link up on their pages too). This link party will be open for one week, please join up so we can all see what projects you have created from this wonderful book.

Also, if you don't read Young House Love (which, if you don' do you even know what a blog is, honestly...), please go over there and tell them we sent you.

DIY Action Squad- LINK UP! 

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  1. That chair is seriously adorable. Seriously. Love it.

  2. The chair matches the rest of the guest room PERFECTLY! Nailed it :)

  3. Adorable--great job! My one chair recovering project went horribly wrong. Someday I will get brave enough to try again.

  4. Ohhh, so pretty! GReat job! LOve that bedspread too! I have the YHL book on my Xmas list this year. Pretty proud of myself for not just buying it for myself and waiting for Xmas....sure hope the hubbyman is on it!

    1. Thank you, Girlie! He better get it for you! If tell me. ;)

  5. Darling!! I love the idea of using a chair as a nightstand, for all the reasons you mention.

  6. Aaaaand I finally fixed my Google account so I actually show up as my name! Brilliant! :-)


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