Thursday, November 15, 2012

DIY Doggy HairCuts & Something for You to Do.

Last night, we totally DIY'd doggy hair cuts.

Everyone was looking a little shabby, but we have our Winter taxes coming up in just a few weeks so it didn't feel right to go blow $150 on dogs looking pretty.

The victims were Teagan and Bridget, because if you remember, Seamus got a haircut about a month ago because he looked ridiculous.

All we did was laid down a towel on the kitchen counter (so we could see the unders of their faces easier) and used a very long buzz. We figured if we used the 4 that if we messed up too bad it wouldn't really matter because it would lay over other hair, compared to if we went really short and it's like...obvious that we missed a spot.

Nate played daddy, soothing and feeding cookies while I played beautician. Granted, I really feel like I basically did the doggy equivalent of a bowl cut, but it was worth it. They can see, they're cleaned up and their beards aren't dragging water through half my house.

Now onto a more pressing topic.

Did y'all know that Young House Love released their book? Ohhh yeah. You can buy it here if you haven't snagged it yet. Well...the DIY Action Squad has assembled.

The four of us have gotten together through blogerly love to organize a tribute band link party with projects that YHL features in their new book. Please remember while you do these projects that we aren't affiliated with John and Sherry, we just love them and want to showcase some of their ideas (and we asked pretty please).

Kenz is head momma over at Interiors by Kenz, she and her hubby and hoard of small children adult tenants live in Utah and blog about their adventures fixing up their homes in preparation for adopting a baby.

Tracie and her Husband write Middle Class Modern which documents their love of Mid-Century furniture and transforming them to suit a modern lifestlye.

Some crazy bitch named Emma just happened to host a blog where everyone kind of met each other.

Stephanie writes Sandpaper & Glue, a blog devoted to making her home work for her family while staying within a real budget.

Here's the challenge we want you all to join us in (and if you don't, please just send good vibes my way that I don't mess up another project)

Over the next few weeks grab a copy of the book, pick out a project, and write about it! Please modify projects as you see fit, we love to see everyone's different take on projects!

Then, the week of the 26th (right after Thanksgiving) come on back to link up with us and share what you’ve done. (We love snooping in your shit just as much as you love snooping in ours)

The DIY Action Squad (sorry to say it again, but it makes me feel like a super hero) will each be tackling their own project, so you'll have at least 4 bad ass project adaptations to peek at. Are you excited? I am!

Again. Your homework is due on the 26th. You have two weekends and one of them you'll probably be shopping. Get on it kids!

And just because I feel like we're missing's Seabutt. (yes my coffee table is trashed, but he's sitting pretty like a gentleman.)


  1. oh wow. I think I am never, ever going to be brave enough to attempt to groom Gable myself (the others have short coats and only need baths. More baths than they actually get). But your post did remind me to call the groomer and make an appt. to take him in before Thanksgiving :). Your guys, at any rate, look great!

    I would like to pretend I'm going to do the fun sounding YHL thing, but I will still have in-laws here the week after Thanksgiving, so I'm guessing it's just not going to happen :(


      Do you have your book yet?

    2. I don't! I'm trying to hold out for Christmas, but if people keep TALKING ABOUT IT all the time, I won't be able to make it ;)

  2. We are DIY groomers too! One of us is much better at than the other (hint: I'm not so good at it). Your dogs look adorable, but I love their troubled expressions! So cute.

    So excited about our new action squad!


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