Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Missing with Dishes

With the day we had yesterday, if a dog had run or away or something I would not have been surprised. Nothing went the way we wanted it to, therefore nothing insanely productive was accomplished. Wait, I take that back, I shopped for Thanksgiving Dinner.

That totally counts as productive. ...Right?

First off, to answer some confusion from yesterday. This is a terrible rendering of our floor plan upstairs.

There's also an entrance to the attic and all that other stuff upstairs. So yeah, the room of doom is a small bedroom that has a bump off it it.

We all got it?


So back to the whole Thanksgiving thing. As you all know, we just finished our fantastic sex oozing dining set. There was just one issue with it; we only had lime green dishes that matched our old dining set. Maybe I'm a little obsessive...but it was mildly to moderately (read: insanely) bothering me.

We had the Fargrik diningware set from IKEA. You know, the set that everyone has because it's adorable? Also, it's ridiculously affordable and actually holds up pretty well.

This set still looked really adorable with our Kitchen, but when we pulled them in the colors clashed horribly. We had to figure out what would work with both rooms.

After much tossing around we narrowed it down to cobalt blue or white. They'd work in both rooms and they would add a little bit of sass in the dining room.

So, when we got another glorious World Market coupon last night that announced that dishes were 20% off, and I had been hoarding two $10 off coupons we knew it was time to strike like a cobra.

We headed over there and began sorting through the aisles upon aisles of dishes.

Then these babies found me and my heart went pitter pat.

The fact that they're clear means they'll fo-sho go with both rooms AND I think the simplicity is kind of rustic in a weird way, meaning they'll look SICK on the dining table (and I can forever play with cool chargers or place mats).

Also, it doesn't hurt that we got service for 8 for $35, putting it comparable to what we paid for the green IKEA stuff.

Tonight I'm going to play around with place settings and figuring out how I want everything to look. When you guys do T-Gives, do you do a formal table setting with place cards and everything or is it more of a family style buffet thing?


  1. We kind of do a mix. The table is still formal, but no place cards. But the food is buffet style. So more of "pick up your fancy plate and walk over to the kitchen and get in line. Those glass cinderella beauties will look great on your table :)

  2. I have the green Ikea dish set too! haha. It holds up wonderfully but absolutely matches nothing in my home (especially when I get rid of the green sunroom).

    When I host Thanksgiving it's all buffet- I put a tablecloth on the table and will have nice dishes and nice glasses but no centerpiece because that takes up room where more rolls and taters could be. Then we spread out all the food on the kitchen counter:)

  3. We are in desperate need of new plates. The glass is cool, but I think they'd set my husband's OCD off.

    1. It is going to be hard to keep them clean. I hope they don't mess with mine ;)

  4. T-Gives!!! OMG I am so using that!!! LOve it. I love the IKEA dishes! The clear ones are nice too but since I have had plain ugly white dishes for years, I am all about the color!

    1. I had my mom's old dishes for years and when we had the green table I lunged for that set, so I know your desire for color, lady! And by all means, tell your friends, T-Gives, it's a thing.

  5. Well,I have plain white dishes and I love that they are so neutral (I guess clear class is actually more neutral). I like that I can use them for all the seasons/holidays and play with the tablecloth and decorations. They may be somewhat dated (you'll have to ask my kids)but it makes it fun!

  6. I love those dishes... I'm just thinking of how awesome food will look on those!! :) eeeeekkkk


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