Friday, November 23, 2012

I spoke too soon.

I hope everybody had a Happy Thanksgiving (I had a happy not-going-to-work-and-getting-to-sleep-past-five-next-to-nate morning, which are my favorite types of mornings.)

But alas, I spilled too much, too soon. I showed you guys a floor plan the other day, remember?

And almost immediately, someone got on me for not showing pictures of our second bathroom already.

Kids. There are several rooms in this house y'all haven't seen yet. What? You want to see previous owner's design ideas instead of mine? WELL THEN I HOPE THEY BLOG. Sorry- outburst.

Anyways, yes, we have a second bathroom upstairs, it is again a mish-mash of beadboard they stained instead of painting white (poor man's paneling?) and a lovely wall-papered top and ceiling, complete with a border. Yes, they wallpapered the ceiling. Oi Vey.

Oh, yeah, hey, by the way, I have a clawfoot.

HA! Sorry, I know my regular readers would FREAK about my clawfoot so I wanted to leave it suspenseful.

So here's what confuses me about this wall paper too... the grass is growing and the background is the same as the wall paper they put everywhere else. So...wouldn't it have made more sense to do the border around the middle? Or am I just too literal for my own good?

But yeah, this is the only thing that bothers me about the clawfoot.

The shower unit blocks a beautiful original window.

RIGHT?! Rage with me.

I think when we get to this room we will just take the shower unit down and let the clawfoot like...sing in the glory of it being a clawfoot. We'd buy a hose attachment so you could still rinse off up there/bathe eventual small children, but Nate and I both shower downstairs anyway- so why make the ceilings shorter/block natural light?

Plus, when you do shower up there you have to have two curtains and two liners (one for each side so you don't get the walls wet) and the plastic touches my fat. That freaks me out. Nothing like trying to wake up in the morning to nasty old plastic clinging to your cellulite.

On the other side, by the door, there is a pedestal sink and awkwardly small/high medicine cabinet.I can only see my cheek bones and up in this mirror.

Has anyone else noticed yet that there's no storage in this bathroom?

Yeah, it's a problem, and one of the reasons we almost never use it. That's why I'm thinking taking down the shower might be nice so we could add some floating shelves or something over the tub. We can't add a vanity because my hips almost touch the sink and side of the tub as it is. We know adding a larger medicine cabinet and adding wall mounted toothbrush/soap holders will help a lot but for now we have a shoe organizer on the back of the door to hold our extra stuff (AKA Tampons, curling irons, etc.) That's also fun because it's being held up by hooks and will randomly crash down in the middle of the night because the door doesn't close if the over-the-door things are on.

Not that I ever get to pee with the door closed anyway. This is usually what I see.

I constantly get judged while I use the facilities- whether it be showering, blow drying or cleaning it (like today). It took a lot of effort just to get them OUT so I could take pictures of the room. Ugh- children puppies.

So, we do have materials to do this bathroom and we have a very thorough plan. Well, it was thorough until the floors downstairs failed. But we are planning on doing a nice lipstick job up here. I pinky promise. We are not going to get into lists and all that though until Nate decides if this room is next on the list or not. The man has a strict "one room has to be done before we can move on" rule. He claims it prevents me from having a dozen unfinished projects- Jokes on him, I could name at least twenty unfinished projects in this house right now. BAM.

Did everyone have a good holiday? Don't forget that Monday is the start of our Link party, so get your Young House Love books out and do a project this weekend!


  1. Wait, so that's wallpaper on the walls and ceiling? I was thinking you got off lucky with just the border until I read that. Oh well. But the clawfoot tub totally makes up for having to strip wallpaper.

    1. haha, yep! The beige like...spongepainted look on the walls and ceiling are indeed wallpaper.

  2. My parents have beadboard that they stained instead of painting. And they LOVE it. It must be an over-fifty thing. Whatever. I've always thought clawfoot bathtubs were so pretty, but also impractical for showering. The only way I'd ever have one, is if the bathroom also had a walk in shower. Still gorgeous though! And it matches the historic-ness of your house.

  3. Love that tub- but I agree with you that it'd be better with no curtains so you can see the window... it'll be a good dog washing and bath time tub :) haha.

    1. oh noooo stephanie! Thou shalt not put dogs in the original clawfoot. It's like a commandment or something. Their nails would really damage it.

  4. I'm in love with your bathtub. Sigh. I bet once you de-wallpaper and paint the beadboard white and change out the floor it's going to be a rockstar of a bathroom.

  5. Ooooooookie dokie!!! So that ISN'T cool old paneling original to your house, but is instead stained "newish" beadboard. That changes my gushing comment over on another post entirely!!!!

    Ew....stained beadboard. Paint it Danno.

    The tub is gorgeous, and so is that window!! I agree with getting rid of the shower kit if you don't need it. And I would look for a really cool 1920s era pedestal sink - they have them on Craigslist all the time in the Detroit area, so I'm sure there are some by you as well. It would look tons better than anything modern since you have that cool tub.

    Looking forward to seeing this room done!

    1. Thank you for retracting the I <3 Paneling statement. I appreciate it ;) WE SHALL PAINT. Sadly, after reviewing the house list, the shower kit has to stay until we install the new shower DOWNSTIARS (so that there's at least one shower in the house) so this too will have to be a lipstick job.


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