Friday, November 16, 2012

Less Than A Week to Thanksgiving

Oh dear, we are less than a week to Thanksgiving and like, 15 people are coming. I haven't made enough progress on my list!

1. Finish the dining room table & purchase chairs
2. Install new bathroom countertop

3. Stain existing bathroom cabinet
4. Frame mirror in bathroom
5. Get a new pretty white energy star toilet for the downstairs
6. Add dual flusher to toilet upstairs
7. Paint the downstairs bath.
8. Paint the living room
9. Get the fireplace checked
10. Get curtains for the dining room
11. Get curtains for living room
12. Sew new throw pillows for the family room
13. Get a runner for the hallway
14. Create a boot drip for the front hallway
15. Get the garage door fixed

Now some of it isn't crucial, because, let's be honest, a Turkey on the table is more important than my garage door opening.

Here is my new goal by next Wednesday.

1. Finish Teagan's Dog Bed so we can put her Crate away.
2. Add dual flusher upstairs (we already bought it, Nate just needs to install it)
3. Get curtains for the living room (simply because that shit be drafty!)

It's so important for Nate and I to have the Holidays at our home. Not only is this our first holiday season in our home, but it's our first holiday season without Nate's dad (who passed in April) We are trying so hard to spend family time and make memories.

Speaking of memories, if you follow us on twitter, you saw that my mommy brought something very important to me when she was visiting last weekend (and yes, I have so many projects that I need to document, I just need to be home before the sun goes down!)

World. Meet my pink baby.

I am so excited to see her again! Now I just need to remember how to play her...

We took the night off and hung out on the couch with the dogs playing Smoke on the Water and other simple things there's no way one can forget how to play.

It was really nice just to take an evening to be calm and NOT hurrying our butts to finish a project. I promise I'll project tonight. I pinky promise. After all, it's less than a week to Thanksgiving.

What do you guys do to get ready for the holidays?


  1. Someone wise once told me: "Even DIYers need a rest." I'm glad you took one. We often have guitar nights as well. We don't have a ton to do to get ready for the holidays other than clean. We have everyone coming over to our house as well. That's because we have the biggest dining table. But you know all about that... since our tables are twins.

  2. Ha--our Thanksgiving to do list has gotten a lot shorter lately, too. Finally finish the damn steps and clean the house are pretty much the only things left. "Build new table" is right out, barring some kind of holiday miracle.

  3. Emm, you've been to our house for the holidays and you KNOW it's all about the FOOD! We'll clean and straighten up, put the leaves in the table, and I'll putter around getting everything ready, but I'll try to stay out of the kitchen and leave that crazy scene to those who enjoy all the cooking! (I'll take care of the decorations! and the basics). Wishing you a very happy and blessed Thanksgiving and please give everyone hugs all around! <3

  4. I love so much you blog!!! Is very descripciĆ³n too

  5. I want to try those dual flushers too! Ever since I saw them on YHL. We are on well water and we had some scares about wells drying up during the drought this summer. I am super-vigilant about water usage now. Can't wait to hear how it goes for you!


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