Monday, November 12, 2012

Meet Henry.

As part of our flooring project, we were instructed by our Home Depot guy to use Henry Products.

Yes, we have our own HD guy- his name is Jesse and we found him right after we bought our house. Before he retired, he was a contractor that worked specifically with houses over 100 years old. Needless to say, we've adopted him. If I could put him in my pocket all day, every day, to answer all of my questions, I would.

Anyone who has seen porcelain/terra cotta floors knows that there are thick, deep grout lines. To be able to put our peel and stick tiles down, we needed to smooth out the grout lines to make an even surface.

This is why we were told to purchase Henry 549 and 336.

The 549 is a concrete-like mixture (with terrible directions on the back) stating that all we had to do was add water and spread it all over the floor in an even consistency. It did say that it can dry as quickly as 20 minutes. The 336 is a sealant that closes the pores in the 549.

If you purchase 549, create your mix in batches. 

We assumed that because the bathroom was so small we would be able to spread everything in 15 minutes so we mixed the whole box. Big mistake.

Because we'd never worked with cement, or really anything that required this kind of expertise, it took us way longer than we thought we had an entire bucket of this stuff dry before we were even a quarter done with the bathroom.

Luckily, we had bought another box, so we were able to throw out the original box and start again using quarter batches.

About 40 minutes later, we went in with a little spatula and and scraped off as many bumps as we could. You want as smooth as a surface as you can, but we found it very hard to accomplish this with Henry 549. I'm sure the more we play with it, the better we will do, but this batch was mildly bumpy.

After we swept and cleared off the excess dust and debris, we poured a small amount of the 336 into a paint tray and using a foam roller, applied a thin layer over the dried 549.

It was interesting, even though the 336 looks a lot like milk, it added almost a blueish tint to the floor.

(as seen in this picture)

After this dried, we went back through to try and smooth it out again (to no avail, at this point it was basically cement) and then started laying our peel and stick floor.

And yes, I do have hours upon hours of dust and dirt all over me.

As we laid the floor down, we stuck a piece of tape to connect the tiles together since they didn't have a perfect surface to adhere to.

So that's where they are right now...taped together, stuck to the floor, hoping that they'll stay where they're supposed to be.  I'm slightly worried, after all, our motto for the day was, "Well! There's concrete on the floor- no turning back now!"

How was everybody's weekend?


  1. Question: Does the peel and stick tile lay against the molding, or do you have to try to shove it under there? That part always confused me.

    1. Our molding had a large enough gap that sometimes we shoved it under, and in other places we were about .5 an inch from the wall, right now there is some concrete showing through, so we are planning on getting some quarter round to add to our molding.

  2. Your new floor's gonna look awesome!

    Peel and stick floors were one of my first EVER DIYs (I was 18), and I couldn't possibly have done a worse job, but really, it still looked okay. No worries.

    1. I sure as hell hope so! Although I can tell you for a fact there will be brown sharpie on this floor ;) Thanks for the vote of confidence.

  3. Oh Henry! I hate when the directions aren't more clear on what will probably will happen. I'm glad you had a second box though. You guys are plugging right along on the bathroom. I can't wait to see the floors laid.

    1. It was really super duper irritating, and there were no online tutorials either. I decided I was going to do one but then a.) we sucked at it, and b.) it was happening so fast we freaked out lol


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