Monday, November 5, 2012

She showed me up AGAIN

I must be ultra pathetic. I must be. That is the only reason I can think that my MIL showed me up AGAIN.

This weekend started "Bathroom Lipstick Project 2012" and consisted of 2 trips to 2 different habitat stores, the free store, 2 hardware stores and 1 Chinese restaurant. It was exhausting.

Before we get started, here is a picture of the weird...window nook thing I talked about yesterday...

But, with the project at hand, the first thing we needed to do was to remove the countertop from the vanity cabinet so we could stain the cabinet easier.

This vanity top was so useless it wasn't even funny. Whoever thought, "I'm going to put a wood counter top in a moist space" must have been a real genius. This thing was covered in wood rot and potential mold (and I'm terribly allergic to mold!) Plus there was some kind of build up in the sink's part of the plumbing that could not get unclogged no matter how many times we used drain-o or how many housewife tricks we tried (boiling water, vinegar & baking soda, you name it!) so we've only used that sink once in the 4 months we've lived here.

From all the other blogs in the universe we thought this was going to be a simple process, turn the water off, unhook the plumbing, score the silicone, remove a couple screws and BAM. You're done.

So we started in on the plumbing. We turned off the water, disconnected the tubes, disconnected the pipes and....



Then we started to look for the brackets that we were told would separate the vanity and cabinet.

Those apparently only exist if your cabinet and vanity are separate pieces. I didn't even know they could be one piece- but ours was! So there we were, scoring and scoring and scoring while Nate was under the sink looking for some kind of screw to detach. No dice. Even Bridget couldn't find a screw!

After trying to pry the back plate off for twenty minutes (we wanted to keep it mostly in one piece so if someone wanted to replace the sink they could or something...) using every type of tool we could think of, we finally just got pissed, grabbed the crowbar and a spare piece of wood (crowbar into a piece of old wood so you don't damage your walls) we heard a victorious crack and Nate did a dance.

Don't mind the baby face...I'm already ready for No Shave November to be done so he can have his goatee back...
Turns out there WERE screws, but we still aren't sure where they are. They're mystery screws.

We also got a little blast from the past when we removed the board to reveal the same wall paper that was in my bathroom when I was a kid!

We then tried to pry off the counter top. No dice.

It was also at this point we started to have a sinking feeling. The front and drawers of the cabinet were solid wood, but when we looked at the side (which we've never really looked at before) it had veneer on it. Insert explicit Emma rant here about how much I HATE veneer and how I'm positive it's out to ruin my life.

So we did the grown up thing and called MIL Kimmy back to the house to take a peek at it.

I went to the garage to get a tool, and BAM. She already had the damn thing off!

 What a Brat.

We've decided Nate and I got it loose and she got the glory. That's our theory. She just malleted the crow bar under it and got it off. So unfair. All the glory goes to Kimmy....

And since we had the staining goddess herself over, we had her take a peek at what we thought would be the veneer problem. She confirmed our fears and said she'd give it a shot anyway.

When she put the zip strip on, no bubbling happened, nothing came off, and no pretty wood appeared underneath. She also tried applying a little bit of the stain and it did nothing to the color of the veneer.


So we had to make a trip to Home Depot and reevaluate our plan. We stared at the paint colors trying to decide what we wanted to do as painting it is our only chance to give it a new (less oak-y) life.

Here's what we decided on.

The cabinet is going to be "Seal" by Martha Stewart.

The walls are going to be "February Frost" by Behr.

We weren't planning on purple being in our color pallet but when we held up our other colors, it complemented so well we decided to say, "Why not purple?!"

Here is our color pallet for the downstairs now:

We spent the rest of the evening applying 2-3 coats of Kilz primer and ended the night in a sea of white.

So far so good! Nothing has gone according to plan...but such is our life.

What did you guys get this weekend?

P:S Local peeps; have you guys gone to the Habitat for Humanity store in Saint Johns? It felt like Christmas.


  1. I'm laughing at your pain. Hahaha.

    I love that shade of gray, and I think it'll look better and fresher in the space than staining it would've looked anyway. Can't wait to see the next installment.

    1. Thank you! (For being excited for the next installment. Not for laughing at my pain.) ;)

  2. Kimmy knows her shit.

    I never dare ask my mother or mother in law for DIY advice. I'm flying solo. You are lucky!

  3. Ohhhh, I'm loving the Seal color!!! Get going girl, I can't wait to see it painted!!!

    1. Ohhh, Michelle. Wait until you see it dried. The Seal is SEXY.


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