Thursday, November 8, 2012

While You Were Gone

Last we talked about the bathroom, we were swimming in a purple haze.

Like I said, we were having an internal debate about how to fix said purple and we made a mutual decision. We were going to shop in our basement. By shopping in our basement we weren't upping our budget, we knew the colors would go well together, and if we ever decide to rip the drywall down it isn't like we blew a million dollars on paint.

Here is a side by side of our new color and the purple.


It's actually a custom color we had made to match the gray in our rug in our bedroom. Sorry I can't tell you more than that... but it had subtle undertones of beige in it so it works really well with the Seal. WHICH I discovered why we all love so much. Seal matches some of the tones in the table in the dining room. Who knew, right? Total accident.

Now to talk about a few bathroom scores we had.

First, may I introduce our new counter top which was the inspiration for this entire project.

We scored this beautiful white porcelain counter with integrated sink and faucet at the Habitat for Humanity Restore. It was the exact size as our old counter top and has no grain or tint to it. Pure. White. LOVE. It is currently clamped to the cabinet due to some warping in the center- we are letting it completely dry on the caulk/adhesive before we remove the clamps.

Reason #1 I love this counter; It bounces so much light around the room and when it's all cleaned up it is just so shiny.

Reason #2 I love this counter; we hooked the water up to it and...NO CLOG! The issue must have been a buildup in the old sink because we have ZERO issues with this, which in my opinion makes this entire adventure worth it. I'd love to wash my hands in the bathroom instead of having to go to the kitchen.

Reason #3 I love this counter; we scored this sexy piece of porcelain ass for $20. Well, less than that actually as I haggled- I'd say with everything else I bought, I got it for $15.

We also sold our old countertop for $20 which in my opinion, makes this a free damn counter.

A Free Damn Counter.


Score #2 of the lipstick project goes to...FLOORING.

Yeah, I know, I said we weren't going to change the flooring, but we found this awesome peel and stick wood flooring at a different Habitat store for $0.40 a square foot. We bought enough of it that when we rip the shower up we can add more tiles to match. In the mean time, it means we can refloor over the terra cotta (we're gunna do a tutorial for you guys about this resin product that makes it possible) and I will be one step closer to a completely swiffer-able house.

I took a couple tiles out and put them on the ground so my color choice of knobs makes sense. I picked an antique brass color, which I know is weird in a gray room, but judge for yourselves, and tell me what you think.

We are going to Home Depot for adhesive and a new toilet (yay!) then all we have left is to paint the ceiling and the trim, switch out the toilet and lay the floor and we are done! This may be the fastest bathroom makeover ever as we are only on day 4 of this project.

What do you think? Are we on a better track now?


  1. Great job! I actually like your current floors but having a Swifferable house sounds pretty excellent too. I think my very favorite thing might be those amazing bird themed knobs. Where did you find those?

    1. Hi Melissa!

      Our issue with the current floor is the fact that they are impossible to clean and with three dogs, always dirty. We got all of the drawer pulls over at World Market. They're available online but they were less than half the price when I found them in stores.

  2. LOVE IT. The gray looks much better, the white counter is awesome, and I'm coming over to steal those adorable drawer pulls.

    Also? Habitat ReSTORE rocks my world.

    1. Mine too! We've started making it a habit to go there first. We've found anything from furniture to ceiling fan blades to the perfect size screw! Once we got a 2 foot square for $1!

  3. Looks great!! I LOVE those knobs (in fact, I think I might have pinned them a couple of weeks ago). I need to get to the ReSTORE here....I haven't been in forever!

  4. HEY SEXY FLOORING (Oppa in Qwagner Style) .... now sing it like it's Gangnam and dance around that bathroom..


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