Thursday, November 8, 2012


I totally forgot to talk about all the winning that's been going on around here.

First off, let's talk about Denise winning our Indestructible Dog giveaway. She gave us her wise words about living with her boxer (and heavily tattooed boytoy) and sent me this ADORABLE picture of her baby Kiita enjoying her prize. If you haven't gotten your babies anything fun yet, don't forget to go to today to use coupon code BROKEASSHOME. It expires tonight (I even double checked for you guys)!

That Galileo bone is so shiny. Mine does not look like that... This is what a 1 year old Galileo bone that is constantly terrorized by 3 large dogs looks like.

Yuck. Don't worry, I ordered a new one using that awesome coupon code Anthony was nice enough to give all of us. I hope you guys ordered some goodies for your babies too.

Speaking of winning.... remember this?

I got this awesome prize in the mail (which I made Nate bring me at work because I was so excited I couldn't contain myself)

I've asked him if there's somewhere you guys can get your hands on one as I've never seen them before. I know I'm excited to have one! (Look at him...thinking I'm classy enough to need a cork mean wine comes in other forms than twist open?)

How cute is that? It has some of his artwork on it too! Love.

So that should cover the epic winning that's been going on here lately. Are you guys more, "I never win" type of people, or are you ALWAYS the hundredth person in line?


  1. Well I'm pretty stoked I won the treats from the Muddy Paw on S&G :)

    We're winners.

  2. i won a Silhoutte on all things thrifty and was so excited i almost pooped my pants, lol.

  3. Won $4 on a scratch off the other day... also... I thought wine only came in boxes ;)


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