Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A Fancy Bed for the Little Lady

Andddd I'm back! I gotta say, for someone with control issues, I enjoyed letting Nate take over yesterday. Did you all enjoy it? He said he loved it, he devoured the feedback you guys gave him, and he wants to do it again some time.

And yes, I bought him Batman, and yes, we watched it.

But onto bigger fish, Since you've all been waiting awhile since the original post on this topic, we'll get down to the celebrating.

The vintage TV conversion is DONE. WOO!

And I know all my regulars will be like, WHERE'S THE DOOR?!

Teagan has (so far) PASSED all of her short tests, where we leave her alone for 1-3 hours in a safe part of the house to see how she does, so for now, I think we have time to figure out the door situation. It will happen, but you should have seen how this little girl would whimper at the garage because she knew this was out there. I wanted to get it done and to a point where she could enjoy it.

First things first, in the beginning of this process, we talked about how I gutted the TV. Which was kind of therapeutic.

Once we had her lookin' like this, we went over to the Depot for a new bottom and back piece.

As you can see from the picture above, the previous bottom had holes for ventilation through it. Because it was structural, we left it in, and installed the new MDF right on top of it. We also installed a solid piece of MDF on the back. (I think the total for the wood was about $15, and we have lots of extras, the weird measurements made it so we couldn't do it all in one piece.) Also, make sure to check for pokeys while you're installing your new pieces- last thing you want is your puppling getting scratched.

After this was all attached (and about two weeks had passed...whoops) I began to paint. Because of the ornate parts I ended up spray painting it, and I chose flat white. I don't regret this decision on the exterior of the TV, I just wish I had bought supplies to roll the inside- it would have gone a lot faster and I'd probably have more brain cells. We also tried to sand between coats but it took the paint clear off! Must be the style of paneling they put on the sides of it.

After it was all dry (I sprayed a thin coat of clear over it too- though I'll probably eventually do a whole coat of poly) we brought it inside so Teagan could see. Cuteness immediately ensued.

We bought her a new $5 fluffy at Wal-Mart. This puppling is much more of a fluffy blanket than a pillow type of girl.

And of course, Seabutt wanted to get in on this action. When he's laying down he looks fine, but when he sits up he looks damn ridiculous!

Okay, so I might have taken like, 64 pictures of her discovering her bed. I COULDN'T HELP IT. LOOK AT THE CUTENESS.


Now that we have our puppy fix, here's things that (obviously) need to happen.

  • It needs to find a home. Yep, we totally picked this thing up and have no idea where to put it. I just wanted to do it.
  • Some kind of door thing.
  • I want to add a pillow under her fluffy, just so it's more fun for her.
  • I want to get a piece of glass cut for the top. That way it can be used as a side table or a bar or something. Hey- she's not going to be in it all the time!
So that's that. I hope you guys like it as much as Teagie does. Here's the price break down (ish)

TV: FREE (woot!)
Wood: $16
Spray Paint: $15
Fluffy: $5
Total: $36

Once all is said and done, this is going to be a serious piece of furniture...

What do you think? Y'all gunna go hunt down some TVs now?

Also: Freaking shout out to the Bloggie Bestie, Kenz, who was FREAKING FEATURED on Young House Love for her painted headboard tutorial. Much long distance freaking happened. Go support her pleaseeeee.



  1. IT really turned out nice! And It looks like Teagan really likes her new digs too! Don't ya just love when you finish a fun project like this one and get to stand back and look at it and say "yeah, I did that"!!! UNFOrtunately, they don't make console tvs big enough for my 80 lb. lap dog...

    1. Thanks Michelle! And yeah...I don't think a big guy would fit. Seamus is 58lbs and he looks like a giant in it! I just hate how ugly crates are.... What's your big guy's name?

    2. Ourbaby is a chocolate lab, appropriately named MARLEY. she is a sweet monkey tho.

  2. EMMA! I LOVE IT! And more importantly, Tea loves it! Indy and Buster would have a hay day playing/cuddling/sleeping in there. It is freaking so cute. GOOD JOB!

    1. THANK YOU FAMOUS PERSON. :) The boys can borrow it when they visit.

  3. That is so amazing. It look fantastic! I love creative reuse, but I really love happy dogs.

  4. Love this project! I'm gonna keep an eye out for an old tv for my 2 nuggets! :)

  5. That turned out great! And it's hilarious how much the pups love it :). We have one particular cheapo dog bed that, for some reason, all of our dogs LOVE. They don't fight over it, but they'll stand around waiting for another dog to get up so they can steal the spot. You might have to make three of those things ;)

    1. Oh god, can you imagine? A wall full of cabinetry just for dogs to chillax in? lol

  6. so so cute, I love that idea. If it was Dutch, he would have ripped out the blanket and done some triumphant laps laps around the house with it to show it off to all the cats, lol.


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