Friday, December 28, 2012

An Amazing Christmas Present

I was given something truly extraordinary from Nate this year. As many of you remember, we were having quite the problem with my Jewelry Studio.

We had purchased a secretary desk from our local Habitat for Humanity, which seemed great in theory as it wouldn't look like a jewelry studio from a glance. But in practice, I've found that when I sat down to make a piece with the desk out, I couldn't get to the drawers full of beads underneath.

It quickly turned into a dumping zone, as I couldn't make anything, it was a forgotten corner in our house- which also happened to be at the top of our stairs and was a terrible eye sore when you came up the stairs.

We also had a terrible lack of lighting- so we were saving up for an electrician to come in and put a ceiling box in to install a light. As it was, I could only work until 5 or 6 at night with the amount of light available. Since I work, that left very little time to make anything.

I had been thinking very hard about what I wanted in my studio space this time around. I'd had various other layouts before, but none really with such a space constraint as this. The landing on the stairs is only 52 inches.

My favorite layout up until now was an Expedit set from IKEA. I had 16 cubbie holes filled with crafty goodness and a very deep desk (almost too deep- that back of it just turned into a crap pile)

But, when we moved into Blue, it did not fit into any corner of our house. It was either too deep, or too tall.

Heartbroken, I sold it, and that was how we landed at the secretary desk.

So, when on Saturday, Nate woke me up hearing the magical words, "Do you want your Christmas present?" I replied, "No, it's not Christmas." He then said, "'s at IKEA and I'd rather not pick it out myself..."

Needless to say, pants were on, the hair was in a pony tail, and we were out the door faster than you could say Rhinoceros.

We waltzed through IKEA like it was freaking Disneyland (I personally think there are two happiest places on earth) and stared at every desk, ever configuration, and every measurement until we came up with the solution that one of the customizable build a desks was probably the best solution.

While we were there we also discovered something magical. For $5, you can buy a lighting kit that turns any lampshade into a chandelier.

Honey Boo Boo say what?

I am absolutely in love with the concept. Any area can now have overhead lighting. I'm tempted to put them everywhere. EVERYWHERE.

We left IKEA $240 poorer and 2 pieces of chocolate cake fatter. Overall, it was a glorious day. The lampshade we picked set the tone for the whole new studio.

We picked this awesome Malin Trad shade that was full of bright colors.

Before we even got home, we swung by Home Depot to grab a quart of paint to liven the place up a bit. We picked out the blue from the shade, which was almost identical to Beach Towel by Behr (which is what we bought).

We did the furniture hokey pokey as soon as we got home and I started the now infamous popcorn painting process. Roll, roll, dab, dab, dab. AKA: My life slowly drifting away from me. Though, as always, I persevered since if something needs to get painted it's my job- Nate will only paint under extenuating circumstances.

Sorry, phone picture...
Nate totally almost died painting along the stripes by climbing over the railing (hovering above the open stairs with a hell of a fall below him- aka extenuating circumstances for a short little Emma) and profusely apologized for getting paint on the wallpaper. I told him that it was coming down anyway so he could have painted his name on it for all I care- so excuse the crappy lines on this paint.

We're still nesting it- so come back next week to see what she looks like all done! Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. ooh, I love that paint color! And the lampshade! I was scrolling down eagerly to see the finished better get on that so I don't have to wait much longer ;)

  2. Adorable! And I love those light kits. They are a life saver.

  3. That lamp shade is fierce. LOVE IT! And I think the landing is the PERFECT place for your studio.

  4. YAY!!! That's going to be a super cute little nook.


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