Thursday, December 13, 2012

Curtain Conundrum

Last night, I had my heart broken by a curtain. ...If that is possible. We have two beautiful windows in the fireplace room. One of them is drafty as shit.

Seriously. You sit next to it in your fleece footie pajamas, underneath a blanket, and curse the day you moved to Michigan. Frigid. Not brisk. FRIGID.

So, we have been working on the logical solution- thermal curtain panels. But uhh....did you realize that most thermal panels are plan colors and hmmm....hideous and boring.

So we discovered this nifty thing. Thermal Panel Inserts. Holla back girl. This opened up an amazing new world of options for us.


So we've been filtering through thousands upon thousands of options. Debating between light colors and dark colors, patterns and solids simply finding this to be an impossible task.

It's so frustrating because we have textured paneling on the walls in like a faux molding pattern that we thought would be really cool to paint interestingly (like separate colors on the inner and outer layers) so we thought we needed to play it safe and wait until we painted to put up curtains.

Then I realized that was probably going to be so much of a bitch that I'd never paint again, and it would insanely lock us into the Mermaid Song color. We also thought the Mermaid and Seal might make for a pretty dark room if we were putting in black out panels as well.

So we are back at square one with the second paint color. We're leaning back to the Nimbus Cloud since the family room and fireplace room flow into each other.

So we searched and searched...and then found the perfect curtains.

But only one pack.

At Home Goods.

Never to be seen again.

Enough to make you want to sob like a baby.

They were these beautiful white with gray and linen colored horizontal stripes. They made my heart go pitter pat.

So we're back to square one again with the curtains, when earlier this evening we were ready to have this room done by the weekend.

We've thought about solid white gromet curtains.

We've thought about something with a delicate pattern.

We've considered nature inspired.

We've thought about making them, but the cost of fabric would be about the same as just buying something already done.

So, we're trying to figure out what to do... I'll keep y'all posted while we figure this out. Don't worry- I won't leave you in the dark.

P:S Disney just added a bunch of movies to Netflix. I am home with an awful cold, I think we all know how my day is going to be spent.

PPS: My post is late this morning because I was being seduced by the 8 week old Chocolate Lab my next door neighbors just brought home. Welcome to the neighborhood Wrigley! You can come to Aunt Emma's house whenever you want.


  1. Oh, Homegoods: you are that. But the right curtains are out there for you--I can feel it!

  2. Did you happen to get the info off the HomeGoods curtain package? I've seen stuff I liked at TJ Maxx/HomeGoods and then googled around to find more. Often Overstock will have them!

    Feel better soon!

    1. sadly yes, we googled everything, we called every other store in the area, we tried to contact the manufacturer... my life is full of curtain sadness. And Thank you!

  3. If you are interested in making your own, I know that certain bed bath and beyonds have plain tablecloths that are relatively cheap (you have to hem them) (like 12 dollars a panel or so; they are called "basics") that you can put up with clips. You could stamp them or do another pattern if you are artistically inclined. . .

    1. Hi! Good suggestion! I've seen those done before. I've been sewing for about ten years so if I wanted to sew something I could very easily, they're just huge windows and it'd still be expensive. Sometimes I have to tell myself what can I do vs. what will I do. I have about 50 other sewing projects right now so I don't see it getting done lol Know your limits, right?

  4. I'm confused--- I thought the fireplace room was the one with the awful textured walls? Is there paneling in there too?

    Also- GROMMETS. ::swoon::

    1. Ha! Yes! Yes it is! The wall WITH the fireplace is terribly textured. the walls NOT on the fireplace wall are panneled. There are two kinds of panneling in here, and texture.

      Oi Vey. Joys of this house! lol

  5. I'm so sorry for your misfortune :( The curtain world is a cruel mistress.

    Feel better soon babe

  6. We had insulated curtains in one of our houses....yes they are expensive, and bulky, but they really cut the heating costs, and especially if you have a cold, frigid, window (ours was on the west.) Ours were also roman shade style, so if you wanted to do big, BIG stripes of color and use some of the favorite material mixed with something might look fabulous.......or ghetto......hard to say.
    Keep lookin' and I bet "it will work out in the end, and if it hasn't worked out yet, it must not be the end" (from The Exotic Marigold Hotel movie) :)


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