Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Feeling Triumphant

After several days of moping and complaining about my perfect curtains disappearing...I FOUND ANOTHER PAIR.

See, Mom? Sometimes whining for a few days is the answer.

Right now, we're in the...the room doesn't make sense stage. I can see it in my head, and I love where it's going to go, but right now, the bright colors in the rug aren't doing the room any favors. They just aren't right anymore, but hey, that's okay, because the rug is two years old, so it's fine to replace it.

Here is what the sectional side of the room looked like sans curtains.

Pardon the paint splotches...and no- I'm not going with either of them.

But after finding a these window treatments...I can see the new...western industrial vibe that we seem to have going on around here.


As you can see, they obviously need to be hemmed since they're just all bunched up behind the couch, but that is okay, because we have two smaller windows that need window treatments too (and one of them is the front door...sorry for seeing me stumble around in my underwear first thing in the morning neighbors.) So I will shorten them and turn the remnants into the other curtains (and maybe a pillow or something if I have THAT much.

One thing I am thinking of doing, to keep some brown in this room (as we have a giant brown sectional...) is adding some valances in muslin (which is a faux linen looking beige fabric) above the curtains. Something boxy and yummy.

Then we are going to add a lot of natural elements (jute, wools, etc) along with bold graphics (like maybe some giant, awesome, kick ass art that I'm planning for that four foot wall by the small window), some industrial lighting (which I'm talking Nate in to...he wants to keep the guillotine fan, I don't want to die) and of course, finally replace the pane of glass in the coffee table that I broke over a year ago.

But yes. The vision I had swiftly stolen from me last week is back. And I'm giddy.

Don't you just love when that happens?


  1. Replies
    1. Ha! Sun, I think...but you never can tell with Nate.

  2. I just love that new curtain feeling! Is that even a thing? Well, I say it is and I love it!

  3. Saw your post on my dashboard and I had to come see this post immediately because I immediately fell in LOVE with that bright fun leafy chair!! The new curtains look fab; but that chair is to die for! What are the chances of you coming to my house and convincing my pee yellow and poop brown-loving boyfriend that a chair like that belongs in our house?? (:

    1. Thanks, Laura! We...well I, got the chair earlier the recliner at Home Goods earlier this year because it made my heart sing! It's super comfy and it double reclines (yum!) I may or may not have bought it without Nate's permission so it HAD to live with us, so as far as a negotiation tactic, I don't know what to tell you! But, the chair has created the entire color scheme for the first floor!

  4. Your curtains are adorable, missy. Love them. I like the idea of a boxy valence on top. Very fancy.

  5. yay--new curtains! we have a giant brown sofa complicating all my decorating plans, too.


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